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How to Celebrate Earth Day 50th Anniversary At Home



How to Celebrate Earth Day 50th Anniversary At Home

Go Back To Where Earth Day Began

Earth Day was created in 1969 after a massive oil spill occurred on the coast of Santa Barbara, California, and a U.S. Senator from Wisconsin decided that a change had to be made leading him to then propose a national day to focus on the environment. Every year Santa Barbara hosts an Earth Day celebration and festival to bring people together in order to celebrate and educate those in attendance about how to work together to make the world a better place. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, they’re moving the celebration online on April 22, starting at noon pacific time. You can find more information about the live stream event on, and in the meantime, feel free to share pictures and videos of Earthrise-inspired art using the hashtags #TogetherWeEarthrise #CECSB #SBEARTHDAY to be included in the online event.

“Our motto is every day is Earth day. It’s not that it’s just about this one day, but it is about the reflection that takes place on this day, and how we take a pause and think about our impact on the planet” – Kathi King, Santa Barbara Earth Day festival director. 


Get Close with Nature

Enjoy the fresh air, get outside, and make a positive change, whether it’s adding a few plants to your home, pulling some weeds, or starting a garden! According to, ‘Every Day is Earth Day When You Grow a Garden,’ and even a garden with simple features such as a few flowers and herb-filled planters, is important and helpful, as these features can provide shelter and nourishment to pollinating insects.

“Put out a bird feeder or a hummingbird feeder. Start a garden. Even those in an apartment can have a small herb garden. Even just planting one tree can make a positive impact on your landscape.” – BJ Jarvis, Director and Horticulture Agent at Pasco Cooperative Extension


Forest Bathing

Another way to get close with nature is through the art of forest bathing.

Forest bathing is a scientifically-proven remedy to solve a wide variety of human health conditions, especially associated with big city life – essentially, you go for a walk, surrounded by fresh air and greenery and ‘bathe’ in all of the senses and nature. It’s the perfect way to stretch your legs, go outside, and give yourself a break. During this time, while we all must “shelter in place” in order to contain the coronavirus contagion, I only go outside for a short walk once a day, and practice social distancing when I do.” – Sara Schaer, Kango Co-founder, and CEO of Kango.


Learn About Composting and Implement it Into a Daily Routine

“An easy way to celebrate the Earth while social distancing is by composting. All you need to do is collect kitchen scraps in a trash can or cardboard box, and the materials can eventually be placed outside in the ground and then be broken down by the soil. As composting can be a little intimidating at first, this is a fun and educational way for families to learn about what products can be broken down and considered compostable, such as fruit and veggies, coffee grounds, and folders, eggshells, tea bags, and more. Composting is easy to do, can be enjoyable for the whole family, and is the perfect way to celebrate the Earth on Earth Day.” – Matthew Hollis, Elytus President


Watch a Nature Documentary or Series

Many streaming services feature educational nature shows, and Earth Day, while stuck in quarantine, is the perfect time to binge-watch different documentaries. Everyone’s favorite “Planet Earth” is a must-watch, but if you’re in need of something to get your adrenaline pumping, check out “Free Solo” or “Meru,” both mountain climbing documentaries. There are also various National Parks giving virtual tours with park rangers leading viewers through beautiful parks through a 360-degree video. From Kenai Fjords National Park in Alaska to Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park in Hawaii, these virtual tours will get you up close and personal with some of the special features each park is known for.


Participate in Family-Friendly Online Fun

Bond with the little ones and take a few online quizzes to teach them fun Earth Day facts that even you may not know! features educational quizzes on whale conservation and oceans and plastic pollution quizzes while features an Earth Day quiz on all things nature and how vital it is to our daily lives. Even NASA has an Earth Day quiz with amazing pictures taken in space for you and your kids to enjoy as a family!

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