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How To Check Genuine Leather Suppliers In The Market?



How To Check Genuine Leather Suppliers In The Market?

Leather is a highly prized good that has been in use since 2200 BC. Even before that it was used since the time of the caveman. Those were times when no artificial materials were available to create items. But who knew that a day would come when the originality of the goods would be questioned. The original goods have many qualities that distinguish them from the artificial material made using polyurethane or vinyl coating.

Are you someone who cannot tell the real one from the substitutes? Are you looking to buy a real leather product? Are you willing to get smart in order to be one step ahead of the lousy shopkeepers who sell fake ones? Or are you the kind looking to increase the horizons of his or her knowledge?

The Article Tells You Tips And Tricks To Distinguish Between Real And Fake Leather.

Leather Supplier

Leather Supplier

Read The Tags

When you go off to buy a leather product from a leather supplier then what you need to keep in mind is to look for the tag that the proud genuine leather producers have tagged with the product. It will be labeled as:

  • Genuine leather
  • Top/full grain leather
  • Real leather
  • Made with animal product
  • If any of the above is missing and it says something else like ‘manmade material’ it is not real leather.

Real Leather Is Never Perfectly Made

After you check the tag that mentions the above points and gets a bit sure about it being real leather the next step is to check the quality of the product. Note, if the surface of the so-called leather is smooth then it consists of a high chance of not being real leather. Real leather has a rather rough feel. The best manufacturers in this production business try to mimic the real leather as it is more authentic. Real leather contains little “pebbles” or pores that shows that the leather is staying authentic by being as close to the original skin as possible.

Look For Creases And Wrinkles

To be honest real leather is only animal skin turned into goods so they are somewhat like human skins that wrinkle and form creases when pressed. So make sure you do that, while on the other hand, artificial synthetic materials maintain their shape and no wrinkles or creases appear.

Real Leather Has A Musty Natural Smell To It

Point number four is that smelling can tell you a lot about leather. Put your nose to good use this time and smell the leather product thoroughly. Do you know what leather smells like? It has a natural smell to it, unlike synthetic leather that smells of chemicals/plastics. Make sure you smell the leather jacket before you buy it for that natural smell.

Contains Rough Edges

Leather is usually made by two methods; machine-made and hand made. Machine made looks like it is cut from the machine but real leather has serrations around the edges. So make sure you check that because synthetic material will not contain any unevenness in the edges.

Real Leather Absorbs Water

Drop a small drop of water on the surface of the leather. If it is real leather then it will absorb that water within a few seconds while artificial material will not absorb.

Do The Fire Test

When you burn real leather, it smells like burnt hair and only chars a little but a fake one catches fire. (Note: Conduct this experiment on a part of the material where it will not be seen as it may ruin the good of leather suppliers)

These are different ways to test leather from leather suppliers before purchasing them. So, keep this in mind and ensure you get the best of quality while purchasing leather goods.

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