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How to Draw Bacteria



Bacteria Drawing

How to Draw Bacteria. There are many tiny organisms and other beings around us that we cannot see. One of them is bacteria, and these tiny guys are all about us.

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Bacteria are tiny, single-celled organisms that serve many processes around us. We have a variety of bacteria in our bodies that help ward off disease and keep our bodies functioning correctly. They are also the focus of this guide to drawing bacteria! Bacteria can come in many different shapes and forms, and in this tutorial, we will illustrate some of these variations.

How to Draw Bacteria

Step 1

We’ll keep something nice and easy for this first part of your bacteria picture. In this guide, we will draw 3 shapes representing the incredible variety of bacterial formations. The first will be one of the easiest to guide you through the process!

This first one will be shaped like a prolonged bean, as shown in our contact image. The first bacteria may seem simple at first, but we will add more details in one of the final steps of this guide. Now we can carry on to the dual step of the direction to start the following one.

Step 2

The second bacterium we drew will be a bit more complex than your previous one. For this reason, we will split it into two parts for this step and the following guide on drawing bacteria. The next is circular but has many small pointed protrusions sticking out.

You should take a light pencil and draw a circle to make it easier. This will make drawing the final shape easier. Next, add the small knobs with the pen and draw the round outline. After drawing this first half, we can move on to the second half in the next step.

Step 3

Now you can finish the second organism of this bacterium by drawing this third step. You did a great job in the first half of the previous step, and here’s how you can finish the other half.

To do this, repeat what you did in the previous step. Again, this will be easier if you pencil in this circle to guide you! If you penciled this circle, you could erase any remaining pencil lines from your drawing after you complete this step.

Step 4

Before we add some final details on how to draw a bacterium in the next step of this guide, we need to add one final organism. This will also be relatively easy, as shown in the reference image. This will be shaped like a tadpole.

This means it will have a long, round body with a small, thin tail on the left side. Once we’ve completed this final part of the arrangement, we can move on to the next phase, where we’ll add the final details we mentioned.

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Step 5

You’ve added the main outlines for this bacteria drawing, and in this step of the guide, you can add some small final details. You can even add some extra touches and details! Before that, let’s go back to the first organism you drew in the previous step to add some minor details. The reference image shows that tiny legs will protrude from the outline.

Draw Bacteria

These are simple details to add, but they make the organism more apparent! Once you’ve drawn those little legs, you can add your finishing touches. Bacteria are usually very numerous, so bring many more bacteria with you. You could create more with the same shapes, or you could even create your unique ones!

Step 6

Now it’s time to color those organisms in the final step of this how-to-draw bacteria guide! We just showed you some colors you could use in our sample image. We used shades of blue for the first one and then red for the big round one.

Bacteria Drawing

Finally, we used purple for the little tadpole-shaped organism. These are just some of the colors you could use for this image! Any colors you like would work great in this image. So choose the colors and art media that suit these bacteria.

Your Bacteria Drawing is Finished!