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How to Educate Yourself to Become an Inspiring Leader



How to Educate Yourself to Become an Inspiring Leader

Being a leader comes with many responsibilities. Not only should you direct all the duties and delegate tasks, but also make sure your team members are feeling comfortable and enjoy their work environment. Setting an example while allowing your team members to learn from you but also offer you some new knowledge is all that being a leader is about. However, a good leader never stops at improving oneself, which is why you should always strive for progress and innovation and look for new sources to learn from.

Stick to your promises

Keeping your promises is one of the best strategies to be a good and respected leader. Promising rewards, promotions or raises is a good way to boost your team member’s motivation, but only if you plan on sticking to those promises. Do not make false promises because that will completely ruin your integrity and respect the team members have for you. Granted, promises are sometimes challenging to keep, but that is precisely why only a good leader will know when to make them and when to avoid doing so. Your entire reputation can be destroyed if you keep making false promises and start deceiving the employees.

Offer respect to get it in return

Respect should never be earned, but always offered. This is especially true if you expect your employees to respect you as well. Furthermore, if you show them that you do not respect others, but expect them to treat you like you’re the king of the world, your credibility will be completely shattered. Don’t hesitate to offer your help if you notice that somebody is struggling with their tasks. Setting a good example is one of the best characteristics a good leader can have. Being there for your team members will encourage them to always be there for each other as well. As Australian executive Kathryn Marshall, explained, a good leader is all about a people-first approach. They’re able to build people up and coach them to achieve their goals.

Focus on helping others succeed

Working on your personal growth as well as on helping others progress and succeed is one of the main aspects of being an inspiring leader. Therefore, do your best to offer any type of additional education or coaching to your team members. This is especially beneficial for people coming from different countries to Sydney and wanting to learn more about English and improve their language skills for example. Be a good and supportive leader and recommend schools like Sydney College of English for them to master their conversation skills and feel more like a part of the group if the language barrier was something withholding them from feeling at ease all the time.

Always motivate your team

Inspirational leaders understand that thinking outside the box is vital for achieving great success. Moreover, they’ll gladly encourage creative and innovative thinking amongst team members. Good leaders are naturally motivated and goal-oriented to reach their goals and motivate employees too. That’s why you should guide and inspire others to work hard because it’ll pay off in the end when they’re able to see the fruits of their labor. To be an inspirational leader you should know how to give meaning and purpose to your employees’ work, and never forget how to communicate the vision to them. Rewards are always appreciated among workers, so feel free to ask the team members what they’d like to be rewarded with and match your requests to the reward. Don’t forget to clearly explain your demands and the performance level you require them to do so that there are no mishaps in the communication. It’s also important that you set attainable performance levels and not make the team members work in vain because you set unrealistic goals. Small rewards only make small achievers, so make sure your rewards are worth the trouble.

Plan for time outs

Breaks are essential in order for workers to achieve maximum performance. You can’t expect someone to work for 89 hours straight with only one, half hour break, for example. Namely, according to neuroscience, for every 80-120 minutes, a person needs to take a 10-minute break. Those time-outs will help the brain calm down while preventing overstimulation that can lead to loss of sharpness. Let your employees use those breaks wisely by listening to calming music, meditating, taking a short walk or even just sitting in silence while letting their thoughts wander.

Create a positive work environment

Employees will only give their best performance when they feel comfortable in their work environment. That’s why it’s essential that you provide them with an environment in which they’d be happy to spend their time. A good way to start is to develop a feeling of acceptance followed by an atmosphere of encouragement. Always praise good work and reward it. Be it with a raise, or some other type of reward, your team members need to feel appreciated and worthy in order to give their maximum.  Allow the employees as much freedom as possible to rid them of any fears they might have. Always give them an opportunity to express their ideas, and don’t sanction mistakes radically, but allow them to learn from them while offering your support and making them feel comfortable to ask further advice. That is one of the best strategies to grow and develop future leaders. Always give feedback on their work, and ask if they have any complaints on your leadership as well as suggestions on how the work environment and process could be improved. Employees will need constructive criticism from time to time too, in order to stay on track with their performance.

Final thoughts

A good leader needs to constantly learn and develop their skills in order to stay on top of his performance. It’s crucial that a good leader always offers support to the team members, motivates them, is respectful and keeps their promises. An inspirational leader will always be there to help the team members and offer further education and evolving to them while working on their own personal and professional development. If you want to be a successful and respected leader, don’t forget to reward your team members for all the work they’ve done well.

Leila Dorari is a freelance writer, self-development ambassador and an avid dog lover. She believes all people are born equal but only those dedicated and brave enough to work on themselves reach their full potential.