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How To Holistically Overcome Test Anxiety: Detoxify Your Mind and Create Brainspace



How To Holistically Overcome Test Anxiety: Detoxify Your Mind and Create Brainspace

You don’t actually want to get yourself caught up in the mire of test anxiety and lack of preparation on the day of your exam. Especially if you’re bound to tackle a high-stakes one such as the ACT or the SAT. But what does it seriously take to hurdle a standardized test smoothly, particularly on the test day itself wherein you wouldn’t have to deal with test anxiety?

Deal With The Root Cause Of Your Anxiety

A vital secret that you have to know when it comes to dealing with test anxiety is that you primarily have to resolve its root cause. And what is that? Overcome the causes of your anxiety. The problem may not be that you have a low mental capacity which causes you to panic when taking your test. There are many reasons why you aren’t able to answer a significant number of its items.

To begin with, decipher if you’re an inherently anxious person. An anxious mind is akin to a saturated sponge, and whatever information you try to infuse into it simply wouldn’t sink in. The first thing that you have to do is to thus wring your troubles and mental toxins away and create headspace. When your mind becomes receptive, only then can it absorb the information that you want to utilize.

You, therefore, ought to do some mind-clearing techniques such as meditation, stress relief, and relaxation measures. These are essential not only on the day of taking your test but months before- during your test prep program. The secret to getting a high score in an exam is not cramming or studying very hard, but rather studying smart, and getting a good grip on the situation.

Be Academically and Mentally Prepared

Take your test prep seriously, even if you think you have more than enough time. Ample preparation for the SAT or ACT is 3 to 6 months. Allocate a strict schedule for your studying, but take time to relax your mind as well. Proper academic and mental preparation should go hand-in-hand when preparing for your exam. Make use of the most effective online and offline study materials but don’t neglect your socialization needs. Form a study group with your chums, find a study buddy, accelerate your learning with a tutor or go to an academy. Most importantly, have fun with your friends. Watch a movie, go biking in the park, shop or work on creative projects together. You can even enroll in the gym or a meditation or yoga class. The purpose of these is to prevent your nerves from getting frazzled, which in turn would pacify your test anxiety.

Relax Your Mind and Create Brain Space

Then again, remember that the purpose of relaxing your mind and body is to create brain space. This gives way for your mind to be receptive to the subject and topics that you should study about. Remember that being confident in hurdling your exam needs you to be smart and up to it. So it is always, always important to study and mentally ingest the right information.

Stick to an eating healthy regimen, too. Fruits, vegetables, and nuts are advisable. Steer clear of munchies that make you feel lethargic, heavy or thick. Include an exercise routine because it makes your system release endorphins, also known as “feel good” and “happy” hormones. Sleep early at night and don’t watch excessive TV. You wouldn’t want to be muddled by information overload.

Overcoming test anxiety isn’t an overnight endeavor. Other than a health and wellness regimen, you have to be in the know, right from the academic, to the logistics and other pertinent aspects of taking your exam so that the big day will come to pass easefully and within the bounds of your control and confidence.

Winnie Custodio has been a publicist and writer for over 10 years. She has broad experience in online and personal mentoring. Working with Test Prep Toolkit, an online GED, ACT, and SAT study guide has been one of her most fulfilling careers where she and her fellow TPT staff work together as a power team in helping thousands of test-takers pass their exams. With such an outstanding achievement, Test Prep Toolkit has become one of the top test prep websites on the Internet today.