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How to stay ahead in life with self-coaching?




Usually, people hire a coach to redefine their goals and to create a plan for getting unstuck when they face transition in professional and personal life. But, sometimes hiring them is not realistic due to financial shortage or a lack of time to dedicate to the process. In such a situation, they can get benefit from self-coaching.


What is self-coaching?

Self-coaching is the procedure of guiding our individual growth and development during the professional and personal transition. It is taking control of your actions through targeted, cognizant thoughts, and planning to create the results you need. For that, you can take the help of the best life coaching books and anxiety coaching techniques.


Self-Coaching Tips

If fear, doubts, and frustration are holding you back then the following self-coaching tips can help you create a satisfying and rewarding life for you.

  • Write it Down

Write down your thoughts, feelings, ideas, and plans. It not only increases your motivation levels but also boosts the probability of your success. If you get the creative juice flowing then it will lead to new ideas, solutions, and possibilities.

  • Separate Facts From Fiction

Usually, people don’t think about the reflexive thinking that gets them in trouble but they simply react to their thoughts. Ask the right questions that move you toward a solution rather than toward a problem. Be solution-focused and separate facts from fiction. It is one of the fastest ways of self-coaching yourself to success. Ask yourself a simple question: Am I reacting to facts or fictions? Facts are recognizable while fictions are based on analysis, judgments, and prognostications about the future.

  • Adopt Creative Problem Solving Flow

Always be open to new ideas that come to you. Break the old pattern and try to take own creative problem-solving approach.

  • Self-Celebrate

Always embrace your success and achievements. Never let them leave to your fate or someone else for that matter. The more you celebrate your success the more you build self-confidence. So, take some time out from your busy schedule and record your achievements in writing no matter how small they might be.

  • Be Realistic To Yourself

Never flood yourself with loads of things to do otherwise you will feel overwhelmed. It will become the root of a lack of self-confidence. Be realistic to yourself about what you can deliver. Under promise to others about it and then over-deliver it.

  • Own Up

Owing up your mistakes and shortcomings can lighten your loads. So, create a list of your hidden habits and patterns that really don’t work for you to bring the best out of you. The more you own up to, the more your strong points and skills excel and become accessible for use.

  • Stop Listening to the Noise

Self-coaching teaches you healthy thinking. Of course, you can’t stop reflexive, insecure thoughts popping up in your mind, but there is no need to feed them with a second or third thought. Don’t be victimized by your own thoughts and stop listening to those negative thoughts.

  • Motivate Your Self

Whenever you feel you are losing the ground- be it on your job, relationships, or in your ability to reach your goal, you will feel like you are losing your emotional grip also. You will be tempted to just give up. So, motivate yourself and maintain an empowered attitude and sufficient energy to deal with reflexive thinking.


Benefits of Self-Coaching

When 1-on-1 coaching is not available, it offers some great advantages incorporating:

  • It increases awareness of your own strengths, patterns, habits, and capabilities.
  • You will get the understanding of which thoughts, habits, or patterns support you or hold you back.
  • You will observe improvement in self-confidence, willpower, enthusiasm, and problem-solving abilities.
  • It may become an automatic response to tricky situations.



In a nutshell, applying life-coaching principles is the most practical solution to conquer personal and professional challenges. It enables you to move forward and embrace your next challenge willingly and enthusiastically without incurring huge costs. There are some books such as Dr.Joseph J. Luciani Self-Coaching Books that can help you beat anxiety, depression, and emotional struggle.

Do you use self-coaching to get past obstacles? Is it something you do constantly when stuck in life? Share your views and opinions with us in a comment box below.

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