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Is BBA a Right Move to Step into the World of Management



Is BBA a Right Move to Step into the World of Management

In this competitive world, the professionals versed with the management of all the verticals have been preferred by the industry. It means you need to be ‘jack of all trades’ to make your place amongst the talent flooding within diverse organizations.

In such a scenario, the management learning of the students has emerged as the need of the hour. Most of the students start their management journey from MBA, after pursuing their UG degrees from different streams.

If you want to prosper in the field of management then won’t it be great to start with a BBA i.e. Bachelor of Business Administration? BBA helps you learn the traits of management and leadership right from the foundation.

In this post, we are going to discuss how helpful is the BBA for those who are seeking a career in management.


Management Learning from Foundation

A building with a strong foundation can resist more than a building standing on a weak foundation even the situation is adverse. Same is the case with professionals. If you know core, then you can stand strong even when the things are not favorable. BBA is one such course which enables you to learn the principles of management and leadership from the core. Hence, if your long-term plans are for MBA, then BBA would be an ideal start.


Three Years Worth with BBA

BBA is a three-year undergrad degree which can be pursued after completing 10+2 from any of the streams (science, commerce, arts). In these 3 years, you not only cover the basic learning of management but also the theories which are taught to MBA students. Once after completing your BBA, you join an MBA then you emerge as a bright student in the batch, who knows it all already.


Preference in MBA Admissions

If you have done BBA from a reputed college then you get an edge over other MBA aspirants in an interview for MBA admissions, if there is a clash in the percentile. Your management study in undergrad helps you take the lead when it comes to impressing the MBA admission teams. According to a faculty from a good BBA college in Rajasthan, the students who attain BBA degree have high adaptability to the MBA curriculum.


You perform better in MBA Interviews

Being well-versed with the management topics, you perform better than the others in MBA admission interviews. Where other candidates must be side peeping once they are interrogated with management question, you might be nailing the interviews with correct answers. Only if you have sincerely studied the management topics in three years while your BBA.



Even if you are not eying at MBA after undergrad, then also BBA can produce fruitful results for you. If we talk about the placements after BBA, the results are enticing- after knowing about the BBA placements we have reached this conclusion. Their last batch of BBA students has been picked by the top recruiters from different industries like retail, FMCG, banking, real estate, IT, etc.

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