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Most common myths about NDA exam 2023



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Today in this article we are going to discuss about Most common myths about NDA exam 2023. These important points will Clear your all queries related to nda. This article is written by top defence experts from gurukul Career Group best nda coaching in Chandigarh.

Myth 1 Non- Math aspirants can’t clear NDA test

Mathematics paper in the written tests phase of NDA is one of the most important papers. It tests the defence aspirants command over mathematics subject. However, they need to study mathematics from the test point of view and perhaps, the correction would be lenient in case of non-mathematics, If an applicant is weak in mathematics. Join best nda coaching institute in Chandigarh.

Myth 2 Sectional cut- off doesn’t count

It’s a veritably common misconception amongst the defence aspirants that as the usual cut- off is on the lower side of 370, therefore the strategy should be to pick any two subjects and score the marks in them. The verity is that while the cut- offs are similar that the mastery of two subjects can get you once, getting 20 marks in each section is obligatory for selection in the written test.

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Myth 3 SSB is a competition, and one needs to come out at the top for being recommended The idea behind the conduct of SSB is to judge the individualistic capability of the defence aspirants to perform under pressure. It’s designed to conclude the station and cerebral strength of the aspirants. The process is designed in the way that the experts can produce an overview of each individual personality. SSB is a platform for applicants to showcase their emotional and cerebral dexterity. So, when in SSB, just concentrate on your own performance. Top nda coaching in Chandigarh.

Myth 4 Freshers have a better chance of clearing SSB than repeaters
This is presumably the most overestimated belief amongst the aspirants and is as far from the verity as possible. While it’s true that it’s easier to produce the profile of the freshers, there’s no factual base behind believing of any prejudice against repeaters. However, also they’re at par with anyone and everyone in the fray, If appearing candidate is eligible and suitable.

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Myth 5 Women aspirants are designedly rejected in the SSB
In recruitment notification announcement, it’s formerly mentioned that girl candidate can only apply for NDA and there’s a batch with a specific number of girls assigned at NDA, therefore it isn’t indeed logical to suppose that the girl candidates will be designedly taken out of contention. Best nda coaching in Chandigarh.