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Online Education in the Makeup Industry



Online Education in the Makeup Industry

With COVID-19 still on the radar, students turned to online education. Life came to a standstill, but it doesn’t mean that education should stop as well. We are lucky to have the Internet and gadgets that we can use to continue learning.

Makeup schools are now implementing the same thing. It is one of the things that you can learn even without face to face interactions. You can literally teach almost everything through the Internet.

In this article, we will talk about online education as a whole, how it can affect the makeup industry, and a few tips on how you can learn makeup online.


Online Education in the 21st Century

Online Education in the Makeup IndustryOnline education has been there for a very long time. It’s just that only a few people consider this. Based on the data gathered from over 4,700 colleges and universities in the United States, more than 6.3 million students from the U.S. took at least one online course in 2016 alone. The impressive thing is that the numbers are climbing.

The year 2020 is a record-breaking year because most schools around the globe decided that online education is the only way for everyone to continue learning. Even the toughest courses are now being thought online getting a certification in makeup and cosmetics won’t be too difficult.

We can also credit improving mobile technology for the growth of online education. Professors can now teach you one on one if you want.

Of course, the last thing that we need to discuss is the willingness of students to do online classes. It is more convenient and you can even accomplish it while doing something around the house.


The Role of Online Education in the Makeup industry

Makeup and cosmetics are skills that you can learn with minimal supervision. The main role of online education in the makeup industry is to allow the students to learn by themselves through videos that were uploaded on the Internet.

A lot of people already go to certifications for attending online classes. If you are going to opt for online education, just make sure that you will adhere to the guidelines set.


Tips to Learn Makeup Online

With all the resources available to you, it is possible to become a makeup artist through online education. It is easy to get a certificate, but how can you manage to learn makeup in just a few days? Here are some of the tips that you can follow.


1. Enroll in an Online Course

Before you can learn anything, the first thing to do is to enroll in an online course. Although it is possible to learn on your own, having a mentor that would guide you throughout the course will make things easier.


2. Have your Own Makeup Kit

You need to have a makeup kit if you want to learn how to do makeup online. It’s great that you know the science behind cosmetics and you know the theory, but you need the makeup kit so you can try these theories and activities yourself.


3. Watch Makeup Videos

If you encountered something that you don’t understand on the online course, you can ask the professor directly or you can just get your answers on the Internet.

It is important to watch makeup videos, especially if you don’t know how to apply it. Sometimes, the explanations of your teachers are a bit vague so you still need to do your own research when it comes to certain topics.


4. Stay Focused

Online education is a lot harder than normal schooling. This is the reason why you have to be very focused on what you are doing.


5. Don’t Hesitate to Ask for Help

If you don’t understand anything or you failed to do a practical examination, you should not be afraid to ask about this. You have to remember that the professors are also having a hard time so if there are errors, you can just bring it up to them.



Online education is still the same and it is stronger than ever. In the future, more and more people would prefer to opt for online courses. Don’t be afraid to take online courses because as long as you are focused and you have a goal in mind, you will surely succeed.


Sharon Ober is an experienced makeup artist. She is specialized in costume makeup. Based on her experience she writes articles and she takes pride in providing the best content possible. Currently, she handles the content at Multimedia Makeup Academy.