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The 5 Best Things about Alabama Tuscaloosa University



The 5 Best Things about Alabama Tuscaloosa University

As children, we couldn’t wait to grow up and have the freedom to do whatever we wanted. The world back then was rosy and perfect. As young adults, the world became a chaotic and utterly confusing space. As we are entering this new sphere in our life, it is essential to be prepared and informed about all that is out there. Now that you have got admission to your dream university, the real work begins. At Alabama Tuscaloosa University, students have the flexible environment needed for holistic development. It is not all work and no play here. The city is beautiful during this time of the year. You can choose to explore a lot of places both on campus and outside. Listed below are the top 5 things that you can do around here for an unforgettable experience;

Check out the Library 

Alabama Tuscaloosa University is popular among students for its ample and well-cataloged library space. The building is accessible to all students, teachers, and other people around the campus.

And contrary to belief, space is not all stuffy and suffocating. The ambiance has a very vintage yet modernized feel to it. Librarians have arranged the endless shelves of books and journals according to the author and subject matters they address.

Students can drop in any time during the day and read or issue books as per the library guidelines provided in the prospectus. There are books on practically every topic that you would possibly need for some reference reading. Other than that, there are also novels, poetry books, and other materials for recreational reading.

Visit the University Supply Store 

The University Supply Store is one of the best things about this institution that you cannot afford to give a miss. And unlike other stores on campus, the supply store has pretty much everything you might need during your stay here. Everything from clothes to reading material, stationery, snacks, shoes, bags, merchandise, and other items are available here at very affordable prices. You can also purchase art supplies, tech gadgets, souvenirs, and other things.

In case you have found something abandoned inside the campus, you can leave it here as well. People who have lost their valuables can come here and claim their possessions. Every item is arranged, categorized, and organized in a manner that is accessible and convenient.


Participate In the Sports Tournaments

Alabama University is known for organizing some of the best tournaments and sports events on campus and also outside. The students can reach out to the sports department in the institution for more information. The grounds are wide enough to accommodate different games and sports events. The nearby Black Warrior River is a popular hangout spot for people on campus. You can go fishing, river rafting, boating, swimming and other fun activities with your friends. Plan a relaxing day by the riverside, have a picnic. Or lounge around the banks with a good book to spend a restful weekend. The place caters to all your preferences.

The University also has its basketball and football team represented by its students. The gym and auditorium on campus are other attractions that athletes that you can check out. And if you are looking for some light exercise, then a stroll around the riverside area would do wonderfully. Soak up the sunshine, enjoy the fresh air, and get a few moments of solace!

Join the Arts Club

The Arts and entertainment center at the University is another intimate space here that people consider a popular spot. The teaching staff is incredibly supportive and encouraging of people who want to pursue theatre or any other art form. There are book clubs, dance programs, painting workshops, and other courses where you can apply in your free time. Students are often motivated to use extracurricular activities other than their standard curriculum.

The campus has always been open for art lovers, artists, poets, dancers, and actors, irrespective of the genre. You can participate in inter-college events, theatrical performances, dance shows, art workshops, and more to further hone your skills.

Enjoy Good Ol’ Southern Meals 

The cafeteria located inside the campus serves some of the best and most fulfilling meals you’ll have in the area. The cuisine ranges from local flavors to international tastes. You can have the right old Georgian chicken wings, stew, and baked potatoes for breakfast. The seafood and stakes here are also prevalent among people. You can explore the city and surrounding attractions for a more holistic and complete experience.

And you can get rest assured that all your meals are freshly made from organically grown ingredients only. The University of Alabama is a warm, welcoming, and inclusive space. The unique thing about this University is that it accepts all the students, irrespective of their gender and nationality. You’ll have the time of your life here!