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The Future of Education with Daniel Puder and Jennifer Kramer



The Future of Education with Daniel Puder and Jennifer Kramer

Today we are faced with the reality that over 160,000 kids in the U.S.A that stay home each day because of bullying, the average age for suicide is 13.4yrs. old, high freshman dropout rates and there is a substantial rise in drug use amongst youth.  In 2010, My Life My Power World Inc. (MLMP) was established to provide solutions for today’s youth on challenging issues they face on a daily basis. The overall vision of MLMP is to positively transform individuals and communities by showing them the significance of values, service to others, social impact and community building.

MLMP was founded by Daniel Puder who is a retired professional athlete (Undefeated Mixed Martial Arts Fighter, WWE’s $1,000,000 Tough Enough Champion), and Arkansas Deputy Sheriff who has a story of overcoming challenges and adversity when he was younger. While growing up, he was bullied and harassed by his peers because he was overweight and was labeled with learning disabilities. Over a decade later, because of his coaches and mentors with hard work as an amateur and pro athlete, he became one of the top 50 heavyweight athlete fighters in the world.  After much success, he decided to use his celebrity title in a way that could truly make a difference in the lives of our youth and communities around the world.

After years of working with the Juvenile Justice System (DJJ), Foster Care, Law Enforcement, Universities and in the P-12 School Systems and building strategic relationships, Daniel wanted to create more solutions on a bigger scale. He met his partner Jennifer Kramer, M.Ed. in 2016, they had a very similar overall vision to create solutions on a system level.  She has been an educator for over 21 years specializing in Academics, Administration, Accreditation, Curriculum, and Educational policy.

They saw a need to create a sustainable model with a new type of school system to provide a solution for students in need of Emotional, Belief, and Physiological Intelligence-based curriculum, mentorship, vocational support, and credit recovery.  This leads to them seeking out partners like Guillermo Queris, who is a highly-skilled Educational Consultant and concentrates on building infrastructure, processes, and policies within a school system.

He has built schools and worked in education for over 16 years. Also, partner Michael Williams who was a director of a DJJ facility for over 20 years and who focuses on HR, Community Outreach and Relations. Therefore, Daniel and his dynamic group of partners established an Emotional, Belief and Physiological Intelligence-based School System called MLMPI Prep Academy School System. 

The MLMPI Prep Academy is a Private School System focused on Emotional, Belief and Physiological Intelligence.  They have 3 main campuses in Miami-Dade and Broward that service mainly grades 6-12th grade and the students will accelerate and complete their credit requirements digitally with a flexible schedule and work with MLMP trained Mentors in areas such as life skills, professional job/interview coaching, health, and wellness coaching, after school programs, summer camps, and more. Each year MLMPI Prep Academy will expand its educational footprint in Florida and other states across the U.S.A and into other countries. 

MLMPI Prep Academy School System’s overall purpose and goal are to provide a System of Schools that have a carefully structured environment within a warm, supportive atmosphere. Our structural approach is an environment that reinforces the concept of mentorship, accountability, and promotes civic leadership and engagement.

“Significance breeds Success”

~Daniel Puder

In 2018, MLMP also partnered with Atlanta-Carolinas High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (AC-HIDTA) and Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) to implement the GPS for Success Emotional Intelligence based drug prevention curriculum in Georgia, Florida, North and South Carolina. D

Daniel Puder, Jennifer Kramer and a team of trainers spent the summer training SRO’s, law enforcement agencies and departments, and educators on the GPS for SUCCESS Curriculum to implement in schools across LMP has also partnered with William and Mary University to conduct their Internal Review Board (IRB) for the data collected in longitudinal study and roll out of the GPS for Success Program. The ultimate goal is to collaborate with the Federal/State and Local agencies and programs being offered to provide drug prevention-based programming and reduce drug use among our youth thorough Emotional and Belief Intelligence. Essentially, they created a drug prevention program for youth that does not talk about drugs. By creating a dynamic culture within a school or organization, the GPS for SUCCESS program is able to set a foundation for achieving long term sustainable results in the area of drug prevention.

With the GPS for SUCCESS approach, MLMP helps to empower SRO’s, educators, communities, and students to be more intrinsically driven, focused in life, equipped to work through life’s challenges, and committed to staying drug-free. 

Overall, Daniel Puder has spent the last nine years building teams and connections to create sustainable solutions in communities. Daniel, Jennifer, and their MLMP team are highly committed and passionate about providing systems that will unite communities and create an impact on a global scale.

Mark Stephen Pooler is a Creative entrepreneur who has overcome the kind of adversity that most people cannot even comprehend. He has taken the resilience from his past trauma and turned that into an inspirational determination to help others. After years of being severely bullied, Mark turned to drug addiction and started down a dark road of self-destruction that nearly ended his life. After having the strength to overcome his addictions, he rebuilt his life stronger than ever. Mark is now a professional speaker, bestselling author, a speaker coach and a radio host. Mark helps struggling entrepreneurs create a mindset and belief system that makes their success a reality. Mark inspires entrepreneurs to find and use their courage and strength to empower and lead themselves to success. He helps speakers, coaches and influencers to move forwards gain credibility and authority and get results using PR.