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The Most Elite GPS Trackers For Kids



Kids always manage to get into all sorts of trouble, there’s no doubt about that. So wanting to track them and ensure that they’re where they’re supposed to be is completely understandable, as long as they are at a legal age.

There are a couple of things you should be aware of when it comes to tracking your kids, like whether it’s an invasion of privacy to them, where is the best place to attach the tracker, and how long does the GPS tracker last? All very important questions!

If all of this is something that you’re interested in and would like more information on GPS trackers for kids, like Rewire Security, then continue reading this article.

Is Tracking Your Kid An Invasion Of Privacy?

Whether you should be tracking your kids or not has been a big discussion throughout the world. The whole subject has been up for debate for a long while now, with people coming up with different answers, mostly it coming down to morals and the kind of relationship that you want with your child.

There’s a big difference between needing to know where your kids are, to outright stalking them. If your child is under the age of 18, then it is legal to have a tracker on your kids, but it is more morally acceptable to tell them about it. If your kid is over the age of 18 and you track them without their consent, then it is a major red flag and an invasion of privacy. Not to mention you can legally get into trouble. Not only that, but the effect that it can have on your child can be disastrous. Their ability to trust you would be completely thrown out the window, and there is no room for them to be independent and safe on their own, with their parents floating about in charge all the time. 

Trackers are especially good for special needs children, even adults, who need that extra bit of help or are prone to wandering off, being in places they shouldn’t be, and not having the correct amount of interactive skills to alert you of their whereabouts. 

The point of the GPS trackers for kids is for their safety, that they are where they are supposed to be if you’re unable to get into contact with them for any reason, and that you know where they are when you need to.

Where’s The Best Place To Attach A GPS Tracker For Kids?

There are a lot of good places for you to attach a GPS tracker to your kids, but it ultimately depends on what kind of tracker you purchase, and from who, like Rewire Security.

It’s recommended by a lot of the related businesses, that you place the tracker somewhere in the personal belongings of your child, as they’re more likely to have it with them. This is things like a coat, hoodie, jumper, or perhaps a bag. Something that they use on a day-to-day basis.

It’s important to make sure that if they ever were to be, god forbid, kidnapped or abducted, the assailant cannot find the tracker, or get rid of it in any way. A lot of trackers come waterproof, so in the event that it gets wet, the tracker will not be damaged and will continue to work, regardless of its condition.

Smaller trackers, like nano ones, are more of a prominent and popular choice in this sense, as they are able to provide its live location and notify you when it may have left or entered a specific area if it’s on the move, and the kidnappers would have more of a difficult time finding it.

How Long Can A GPS Tracker Last?

A common question asked is how long a GPS tracker can last, which is totally fair considering you want the best that money can buy, and the ability to have a long-lasting tracker. 

Depending on what you purchase, where you purchase it from, and how often you’re using them, can vary the amount of battery life that trackers have. Some batteries only last a couple of days, while others last years.

Battery size, how much information you want to send to it, and a couple of other important factors are also included in the dependency of battery life for the GPS trackers. The average amount of time of how much a tracker can last is as long as 1800 days.

It’s common for manufacturers to have higher power protection when making their GPS trackers, and to use and have more durable chips, but that ultimately depends on who makes them, what company, and the budget they have set for the tracker.

Final Thoughts

GPS trackers for kids are good for parents who need to know where their kids are, especially when going to and from school or their friend’s houses.
Morally it’s up to you whether you think tracking your kid is a good idea, but there are a lot of good trackers out there that you should consider looking into, and the types of trackers that are most effective.