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The Ultimate Guide To Background Checks



The Ultimate Guide To Background Checks

If you’re job hunting, a potential employer may ask you to undergo a background check. Businesses exercise meticulous due diligence to avoid hiring an employee who may become a liability or pose a threat to the workplace. Approximately 72% of employers run a background check on every person they hire. As a result, it’s not only wise for job seekers to be aware of the personal information that can show up in a background check, but to review inaccuracies and anticipate questions pertaining to any negative information, such as gaps in their employment history. 

An employment background check extracts information and records from the past seven years, which can include a candidate’s work and credit history, education, driving record and use of social media. You can prepare by asking previous employers for a copy of your personnel file and notifying friends and colleagues that they may be called upon for references. An employer can gain valuable insight into an applicant’s personality and on-the-job performance this way. 

Request a copy of your driving record from the Department of Motor Vehicles, especially if the position for which you are applying requires a license. Conduct a thorough internet search of your name, and try to get unflattering information removed. In 2017, 70% of employers used social media to screen candidates, according to one survey. So, be sure to review your social media accounts for photos or comments that may be considered offensive or inappropriate.

Running a background check on yourself as a form of self-evaluation may help you gain an edge on securing a job. For additional ways, you can prepare for questions about your past, see the accompanying guide. 

Author bio: Christian Moore is COO at Global Verification Network. He has more than 20 years of investigative and business experience with competencies including surveillance, competitive intelligence, pre-employment and course-of-employment background screening. 


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