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Tips To Succeed in Home-Based Learning



Tips To Succeed in Home-Based Learning

Since the end of March, at least 90% of students have been forced to be at home due to COVID-19. Adjusting to remote schooling has had its challenges and concerns. Most parents fear that the adjustment and lack of in-person teachers will result in their child falling behind academically especially as they struggle to keep their children engaged with learning from home. Students and teachers alike are struggling to keep their momentum and spirits up amidst the changes. In agreement with the parents, teachers are also concerned that students will fall behind in key subjects such as math, English, and science. But not all is lost, teachers and parents have been able to work together to help students succeed in the time of home learning. Because of this many are hopeful that implementing new routines and resources will help bridge the gap until in-person schooling can resume.  

Teachers, parents, and students can make the best use of their time learning at home by creating a new normal. While keeping up with the old schedule is not necessary it is still helpful to have a semi-consistent routine. Continuing to create a good sleep schedule will allow children to receive sufficient rest which will also reduce any stress they may have. Create a daily schedule that alternates between independent and shared activities that allow for times of quiet and times of active play, this helps improve focus. Also, work on creating good transitions so that children will not only be able to move from one task to another easily but also so that they will be engaged while doing so. 

Some downfalls to home-learning can be the lack of a community, loneliness, and feelings of isolation all of which can derail progress. To counter this try to stay connected to other parents so that you can share ideas and express areas that are working or not working well for your child. Virtual playdates can also be great for your child and scheduling them with their friends is a great way to keep your child’s spirits up and allow for some normality in their day. Along with this, students may also find it helpful to talk to their friends about schoolwork and help each other out as they are used to doing during school hours. If your child is feeling online fatigue consider encouraging them to write letters to friends and family this will not only create an engaging activity that sparks anticipation but it will also help them practice some important fine motor skills. 

Home learning doesn’t have to be boring or stressful and parents and teachers can help their children succeed during these unusual times. In fact, home learning can have many benefits to a child if parents are able to keep activities hands-on and fun. English, math, and science all have great and enjoyable activities that can be accessed at home. Try out some of the following tips in the infographic below to make learning at home fun for your child. 

Tips To Succeed in Home-Based Learning

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