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What to Do When you Find Your Essay is Plagiarized



What to Do When you Find Your Essay is Plagiarized

Plagiarism is a serious offense in education. You must avoid it at all costs. Use plagiarism checkers to see if you have plagiarized your essay. In case you detect any form of plagiarism, make necessary corrections. Only then can you submit your essay.


Plagiarism is a bad habit in education. It involves using the ideas of other authors as your own. It is considered an unethical practice in writing. It is not only an intellectual offense but also a serious academic crime. If your instructor detects plagiarism in your paper, you can face negative consequences.

It is thus very important that you increase your understanding of plagiarism. The Internet has a major impact on plagiarism. Today, it is extremely easy to access information on the internet. This makes it easy to copy and paste the existing content.

Examples of plagiarism

  • Use of quotes

Using direct quotes without giving credit properly is the first form of plagiarism. If you quote the ideas of another author and fail to give credit, then, your essay will have plagiarism.

  • Paraphrasing

Second, if you paraphrase an idea of another author in the same order, you will have plagiarized your work.

  • Lack of citation

Also, if your paper lacks references at the end, you may be accused of plagiarism. Even small paraphrases require citation. Many students have been accused of plagiarism for failing to cite their papers.

Before we learn what to do when you find your essay is plagiarized, let us first learn how to avoid plagiarism.

Tips to avoid plagiarism

Many students ask themselves, what is the best way to avoid plagiarism? Well, the answer is not one but several.

  • Paraphrase properly

After research, you will find relevant information. You need this information to express your viewpoints. You may be tempted to copy and paste this information. Avoid this temptation at any cost. Plagiarism accusations will lead you into deeper trouble. Instead, read and understand the information. Then, write this information in your own words.

  • Use quotes properly

Sometimes you will have to use quotes in your paper. In this case, use the quote the way it appears. You don’t want to misquote other people. Don’t even think of changing some words. Just copy the quote exactly how it appears. However, avoid as much as possible the use of direct quotes. In fact, most institutions discourage the use of direct quotes. As a scholar, you should have the capacity to paraphrase information effectively.

  • Cite properly

Citing properly is the most effective way of avoiding plagiarism. Follow citation instructions strictly. Remember to cite every source used. The proper citation gives credit to the original author of the content. Cite even your own material. If you use your earlier paper to write your current essay, give credit. This will help avoid self-plagiarism which is academically unacceptable.

  • Reference your work

Have a reference page at the end of your paper. Make sure you use referencing guidelines accepted in your school. If you have challenges referencing your sources, seek for essay help from a writer.

  • Final-check your essay

To make sure that your paper is plagiarism-free, use plagiarism checkers. Many checkers are available online. Some are free others come at a cost. In case you have plagiarized any information, these tools will highlight it. Then, you can make corrections for clean work. Some corrections will just require citing sources properly.

What to do when you find your essay is plagiarized

What happens when you find that you have already plagiarized your essay? Well, you have only one option to do when you find your essay is plagiarized. You need to remove that plagiarism.

Plagiarism checkers will highlight plagiarized content. Identify what the problem might be. Is it that you cited wrongly or you didn’t cite at all? Did you copy and paste? Did you use a direct quote and failed to put quotations and citations? Did you use your previous work without giving credit to it? After you have identified the problem correctly. For example, if you used a direct quote. Put quotations marks and cite properly. Essay service helps students to remove plagiarism in their essays. If you find it hard to do it, seek help. Seeking help doesn’t mean you are dumb. On the contrary, it shows that you care about the quality of your essay.

Key take away!

Always check your essay for plagiarism before submitting it. Plagiarism checkers will be of great help. Remember your instructor will use essay plagiarism checker to check your paper. Therefore, it is unlikely that any form of plagiarism will pass undetected. To avoid the associated negative consequences, follow our tips to avoid or remove plagiarism. Never take a chance of not checking your essay. A single mistake can lead to the end of your education program.

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