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2nd Breath of Redemption, Inspiring Through Adversities



Lately, a lot of independent artists are taking the risk.

Over the years, the music industry has been steadily growing. Joining the industry and putting out songs for the world to see can be very difficult, but fulfilling. There are so many things that an aspiring artist needs to consider and prepare when diving into this business. First and foremost, musicians should have good promotion and good music. The sound offered should be honest and unique from the others in order for it to be distinguished. 

2nd Breath of Redemption took that risk to be their authentic selves and released their first album entitled Lesson to Earth way back in 2016. Even though the songs received an adverse reaction from the public due to its poor sound quality, this didn’t stop the band from making music despite receiving little to no attention before. Instead, they used the unfortunate event as a skipping stone, and it just urged them to find the genre they would sound better in.

In 2020, 2nd Breath of Redemption made a comeback with their first Professional Single titled THE VIRUS, which was mixed and mastered by Julián André Toussaint. The inspiration for the song comes from the pandemic that’s currently happening this year brought about by Covid-19.

The song gives off a different sound and approach to modern rock. The band was initially formed in 2013 by Angel Barbosa and Matthew Schultz. The duo loves creating music and, together, found a unique sound for their group. Their goal is to be known worldwide so that their songs will reach a bigger audience. 

The band’s song genre ranges from grunge to post-hardcore, a lot of adolescents to 30-year-olds will be typically interested in this style. Aside from this, they also write and sing Christian music that caters to the young and middle-aged religious crowd.

Seeing as young people get easily influenced by what they see or hear in the media and entertainment, the band hopes to be a voice of hope and wisdom for this generation by singing about faith and salvation the people can receive through Christ.

This holds especially true right now when the use of technology and social media is heightened. Most of the countries nationwide are still facing restrictions like lockdowns, travel bans, and community quarantine. In order to stop the virus from spreading more, most of the people are forced to stay home and become online presences.

With all that’s happening, 2nd Breath of Redemption tries to be a new source of inspiration for people through their music. This goes to show how influential and motivating music can be for artists and listeners alike.

The band is currently unsigned and plans on releasing its first professional album this summer of 2020, which is being mixed and mastered in Mexico City by Julián André Toussaint. 

To learn more about 2nd Breath of Redemption, and to listen to their latest single, visit here. Their website is also up and available for the fans to view their videos and shoots for the album. For more pictures and videos, follow them on Instagram at @2ndbreath_redemption.

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