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4 Tips to Organize a Well Planned Corporate Event



4 Tips to Organize a Well Planned Corporate Event

Whether it is an annual dinner or a fundraiser, corporate events have to be absolutely perfect if you want to make sure that your business maintains its reputation in every aspect. Corporate events are a great opportunity for networking and building professional relationships and this is exactly why they need to go off without a hitch.

The concept of wining and dining your clients in order to win them over and secure that professional relationship is one that is prevalent in corporate culture. From the event venue to the caterers, everything needs to be in good taste. In fact, it is all the little things that really make one event stand out from another.

There are several factors that one needs to look at when planning the event to make sure that it comes together at the end of the day. Of course, it isn’t humanly possible for an event to be completely flawless given how unpredictable human nature can be. Ups and downs are bound to occur. However, if you keep the following steps in mind, we assure you that you will be able to pull off an event that your guests will remember for a very long time!


1. Budgeting

The number one most important thing when planning a corporate event is the budget that you have to work with. While a larger budget certainly makes things easier for you, you can pull off a spectacular event even within the limits of more constrained funds.

Identify all the aspects that need to be covered – such as the invitations, catering, entertainment, venue etc – and figure out the proposed spend for each of these items. Look at different event packages that professional event management companies offer and compare them with one another.

The way to be smart about the way you create and spend your budget is to spend a considerable amount of time researching different vendors. Also, you should have a general plan for your event, including the must-have features. You have to visualize everything beforehand and then figure out what you can make room for within your budget and what you need to cut out.

A preset budget will make sure that you do not end up overspending immensely on an event that could be pulled off at a more reasonable cost. It also tells you exactly where all your money went and a record such as this comes in handy the next time you are planning an event.


2. Know Your Target Audience

Different corporate events cater to different audiences. Some are intended for clients, some are for vendors or suppliers and others are geared towards donors or potential investors. Make sure that you do considerable research on the audience that you are targeting for one specific event and that you are well informed of their expectations. Know their likes, dislikes, and preferences so that event planning becomes that much easier for you and your company!

Instead of trying to include a multitude of things in a singular event, choose to only include the things that you know for a fact your audience will appreciate and enjoy. Different stakeholders have different expectations from the business and this is exactly what an event planner needs to keep in mind when tackling corporate events.


3. Be Careful About Choosing the Date

The time that a certain event occurs is crucial to its success and this is exactly why you need to plan ahead and choose the date very carefully. Refer to a local calendar to figure out what other events are happening during a particular month and choose a date that is free.

If you do not do your research, and you host your event on a date when there are multiple events happening at the same time, chances are that you will lose out on many of your potential guests to other activities. Be smart about choosing the date according to your target audience’s availability.


4. Select the Venue Carefully

The ambiance and atmosphere of the corporate event are what dictates whether or not it will be successful. It should be professional, but at the same time, you need to provide your guests with space where they can just unwind. Choosing the right event venue is extremely important when making sure that your party is a hit!

Which venue to select depends on the kind of event it is. If it is a fundraiser then you need to choose a venue – and decorate it accordingly – in a way that entices your guests to donate to whatever cause you are raising money for. If it is an annual party, the mood has to be more festive and laid back. The way that the venue is set up is as important as choosing the location in itself.

If you are going with a particular theme, make sure that everything falls in place accordingly. For example, if it is a Christmas party during the winter, you will be better off choosing an indoor location or a venue with an inside seating area.

As the event date gets closer, make sure that you have a clear idea of what kind of theme you want the event to have. With your theme in mind, you will be able to determine whether a certain location is suitable for that particular theme before signing the papers to book the venue.


What Next?

Above, we have detailed several critical things to keep in mind if you want your corporate event to be well planned and executed. The venue, of course, is the most important thing. If you do not have a suitable venue, your party will fall flat, no matter how much effort you put into it.


Author Bio:

Annalisa is Sales Manager at Harbor View Loft, a unique San Diego wedding venue, known for its 360-degree view of Coronado, the San Diego skyline, and the beautiful harbor itself. Annalisa books weddings, events, and corporate functions at this breathtaking location, and working with clients to find their ideal event package. She enjoys blogging about tips and trends in the wedding and event industry and sharing her perspective with others.