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5 Tips on Making a Home Theatre on Budget!



5 Tips on Making a Home Theatre on Budget!

A few decades ago, entertainment was quite basic and a home theater wasn’t an essential element in homes, but now things have changed and had a home media center has become a standard. It’s also easier than ever to set it up in your home but it does take some creativity and resourcefulness to do it on a limited budget.

Here are several tips on how to build your home theater on a budget without compromising on the quality.


Invest in a good TV

A good quality TV that supports both HDR and 4K is your number one investment. You could go with a smart TV, but it’s perfectly fine if you don’t as you can get a Blu-ray player or some other media center device which has the same options a smart TV has, and probably even better.

Setting it all up does take a lot of precision so consider leaving the job to TV installation experts in Adelaide to get the job done according to the highest standards ensuring you the best performance possible.


Reconsider buying a projector

A lot of people opt for a projector instead of a TV but in the long run, this option will incur higher costs. Since the projector doesn’t have a backlight, you’ll have to buy additional elements like a projector screen and blackout curtains which will also take up much more room. In terms of costs, high-quality projectors are much more expensive than an equivalent-sized TV.


Re-purpose your old PC

If you have an old laptop or a PC lying around, you can use it to build your media center at a bargain price! Even with the addition of a few items, by re-purposing your old PC you’ll have the cheapest, custom-made media system you can buy. Most tech-savvy guys would say that the flexibility you get with a proper computer can’t be compared with some of the most popular streaming media devices.

Moreover, a PC set up allows you to upgrade your system easily in the future with a better Blu-ray drive, audio card, graphic card, and processor.


Allocate your budget

Logitech Z623 200 Watt Home Speaker System, 2.1 Speaker System  (Black)

Most tech enthusiasts would say that with speakers it’s the bigger, the better, but it isn’t necessarily so. It’s more about how you set the speakers up and the quality of their making. You need to find the right speakers for your room and the factors you need to consider are where and how you’ll position them and how big your room is. Start small, within your budget and you can always upgrade later.

Every good home theater room needs a remote controller to manage all the devices you get hooked in. It’s best to start with an affordable universal remote or you may try re-purposing your old Android smartphone or tablet. There are many apps on Play Store that you can set up in no time but the only problem can be if your Android doesn’t have an IR blaster.

The biggest part of your budget should be invested in a high-quality receiver. This is the most underappreciated but at the same time the most important part of your home theater equipment. All the money you save on other elements should go towards this purchase. Your receiver is to your home theater what a processor is to your PC so if you get this wrong, the whole set up will be ruined.

With these ideas in mind, you’ll be able to set up your home theater in no time without breaking the bank and create space where you can enjoy a full cinematic experience with your family and friends. By making a smart choice regarding functionality, technology and comfort, you’ll have a home cinema room so fantastic, you won’t be able to stay away!

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