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A Musical Ascension with Scott Howard



Music is experienced in a different dimension with Scott Howard.

The gifted singer-songwriter brings ad vibrant, spiritual energy to the music industry. Howard’s captivating sound shows his special and alternative musical artistry. His personal lyrics bring positivity to those who encounter his flavorful music.

Inspired by the songwriting and melodies of the great Cat Stevens, Howard’s album “Ascended Man” makes an impactful mark onto the music industry. Songs like “Come With Me” and “Illusions of Life” spark inspiration and desire within the souls of listeners. The album’s inviting atmosphere leaves audiences with a sense of euphoria and bliss.

Howard claims his personal life has been the main inspiration behind his musical creations. He first learned how to play and perform music when he was a child. As an eight-year-old, he created a band with his friends called the “Gemini 6,” which was his foray into the world of performance arts and uplifting souls through music. Later in life, Howard experienced the devastating loss of his son, Maxx. This heartbreaking tragedy spun into a devotion to healing through songwriting. The combination of highs and lows throughout Howard’s life serves as the baseline for the beautiful works of art that have become his latest EP.

“I feel it is my mission to work with people and share positive messages of love, light, and compassion that are available to all beings in this reality,” Howard said.

He has played at the Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo, Playa Viva Music Festival and the Disney Grand Floridian just to name a few. His dream venues to perform at include landmark locations such as the Giza Pyramids and the Great Wall of China. Howard is interested in the mysteries and potential of what the universe holds. The alluring wavelength vibrations Howard radiates in each song at a specified 432 hertz are ones he hopes will be experienced by audiences worldwide.

Howard has worked with music industry legends such as producer Marc Tanner and the multi-Grammy winner and sound engineer David Thoener. Howard’s abstract, yet distinctive take on music makes him an artist unlike any other.

“Write only about what you love or hate. Perform what you want to bring to the world. And always believe in yourself… what the mind can conceive it will achieve and thus, the higher you vibrate, the easier it is to manifest,” he said.

Howard elevates listeners with his music and has pledged a portion of music’s proceeds to the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund. Howard has already begun writing his new album. He is in much anticipation of his upcoming projects which include a performance appearance on the 12th Season of a BRAVO TV show in October and a tour that kicks off in Long Beach on September 6th. Howard hopes to tour throughout the US, Europe, and India to meet his ever-growing fanbase.

Audiences can find Howard’s music on all major streaming platforms. Check out his latest music videos: “Awaken” and “Life’s Not Easy”. Follow Howard on Instagram at @scotthowardmusic or Facebook at @scotthowardmus. For more information, visit: Be light!

Rachel Dares is a Former Newscaster | Columnist | Radio Host | President of Rachel Dares PR