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AbsorberYT is a Seasoned Veteran in the Gaming Community



         The video game community’s rise in the past decade is nothing short of remarkable, as its sphere of influence grows ever greater. Some may see this as a negative, feeling that it may convince children to throw away their productivity for games and media, but rest assured, this is far from the case. The community has begun to take steps towards a more holistic approach to entertainment and gaming, and Hamzah Saadah, better known as AbsorberYT, is one such example of a new, more progressive take on what it means to be an online entertainer.

         Born in New Jersey on March 17, 2003, AbsorberYT’s young age of 18 has had no effect on his ability to create top-tier content across multiple platforms. With over 3 million subscribers on YouTube alone, his influence is undeniable. By offering a variety of gaming, comedic, and collaborative videos/shorts, AbsorberYT combines a wide array of audiences into his community of fans. The fun doesn’t stop on YouTube, though, continuing with full-force onto TikTok, another platform that he has spread his contagious laugh onto. Boasting a jaw-dropping 5.2 million followers on his main account, AbsorberYT has some of the best engagement on the app. His short, hilarious videos are plentiful, ranging from insane clips in the hit game Fortnite to “trolling” (a term for pulling pranks in a digital setting) other high-profile streamers. They consistently rack up hundreds of thousands of likes and comments, most filled with laughs and kind words thanking AbsorberYT for his content.

         On a more personal note, Hamzah enjoys many other hobbies besides creating viral content each and every day. He frequently plays video games, citing it as his passion and his initial motivation to start his YouTube channel; he, fondly, can recall the exact moment he uploaded his very first video to his channel. When he’s playing games in his downtime, he usually streams them live on his Twitch channel (where he holds another 200,000 followers) alongside more personal content where he simply sits down to interact with his fans, as if they are friends rather than distant viewers.

         Outside of the internet, Hamzah harbors passions for music and magic. He enjoys making and sharing beats/songs with his community, and plans to explore this area further very soon. As far as magic goes, he has always been a fan. From mimicking viral card tricks to talent shows at a young age, the idea of entertaining through surprise has never been foreign to him. In the future, Hamzah wishes to pursue a career in acting, where he can combine his love of entertaining with an industry that will reach the widest audience possible.

         Hamzah Saadah, dubbed AbsorberYT, encourages love and positivity amongst millions of followers of all ages. At such a young age, he has made such a heavy impact in the hearts of so many, and shows no sign of slowing any time soon.

         To follow Hamzah’s journey to wherever it takes him next (along with a few laughs!), find him on one of his many platforms:





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