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Achieving Success in the Hip-Hop Industry; The Marcus Money Way



Achieving Success in the Hip-Hop Industry; The Marcus Money Way

Marcus Money, also known as Realflow, is an influential hip hop artist who has received critical acclaim from some of hip-hop’s top personalities.

Recently, Marcus Money released his first album, during the last quarter of 2019, and has seen tremendous success. In a recent interview with Marcus Money, he shared some advice for anyone looking to achieve success in the music industry.

Be consistent

Marcus Money shares that there are a lot of things that can discourage you from doing what you love, for example, family members, your friends, and your audience. He recommends that the one thing you shouldn’t do is give up. 

Marcus Money obtained the height he is in today by not letting anyone’s opinion get in the way of his passion; music. 

Grow Your Network

Networking is simply the process of getting to know other people, exchanging information, and developing professional or social contacts. As a young artiste, networking is vital. 

You need to get out there and let people know what you do and what makes you different from others. Marcus Money shares that networking helped him get from point A to point B.

So how do you network as a young artist in the music industry?

You need to put yourself in a position where you can meet people who might benefit your career, you know, individuals who can scale your music brand. To do this, you should attend music events, follow the people you deem successful in the music industry, visit the places they visit and hang out with them. Remember, opportunity comes but once.

Once you connect with these individuals, you should provide them with unparalleled value, don’t expect them to help you out in exchange for nothing; the secret sauce to networking is a value exchange. 

Another thing most Marcus Money said most people neglect is social media. Social media has brought in an unprecedented amount of opportunity for everyone. It’s basically leveled the playing field for everybody. 

With your smartphone, you can connect with anybody anywhere in the world. Just take Instagram; for example, Instagram lets you send a direct message to some of the biggest names in the industry, free of charge. 

So what are you waiting for, head out there and crush it!


It’s not a competition

Yes, the music industry is highly competitive; because of this, most artists fall short of expectations and produce substandard music. You should realize that the only way you can produce good music is by concentrating on the people you’re creating it for and not on your rivals. 

Competition is good, but don’t let it come between you and your music.

Be focused 

A lot of people in today’s generation are easily distracted by various events, projects, or activities that claim to help them achieve success in life. Marcus money recalls that when be was rising the ranks, a lot of distractions came in. He further goes to say that If he wasn’t razer focused on his vision for himself, he might have given in to the temptations.

Master Your Craft

All successful people spend an adequate amount of time daily mastering their craft. That’s how they became so good at what they do. 

Marcus Money remembers working late nights and early mornings so that he could sing better. This level of dedication is the key that will open doors for you. If you are really passionate about your music, this won’t seem like a task to you; rather, it would be a chance to improve upon yourself and stand out from 99% of the population.



Collaborating in the music industry is all about building partnerships with other singers. With this, you and your partner can get in front of each other’s audience and grow your following. 

You should start with lesser-known musicians, and from there you can move to a more prominent artist. Eventually, your music will go viral.

Know your worth

As a musician, you shouldn’t downgrade yourself just because you want to attain fandom. Most people join musical labels just to prove to everyone that they are scaling their brand, but deep down, they see suffering because they sign contracts that impose terms on them that they can’t meet. 

Once you know your worth and be confident in your skills, your music career will soar.


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