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Alabama Nick Is About to Put Alabama’s Name on the Rap Game Map



Alabama Nick

The rap game is rife with rappers trying to make it in the industry. Everyone is trying to put themselves out there on any platform they can use. There are hundreds of rappers on Soundcloud, YouTube, Spotify, and many other pages on the internet.

To be successful in the rap game, you have to be talented, hardworking and have a real love for the craft beyond just wanting to be famous. Alabama Nick is one of the rappers out there who has it all. His unique voice, flow, and look will get him places.

Alabama Nick knew there was something different about him at a young age. As his name suggests, Alabama Nick was born in Alabama. In this place, people are rarely recognized for their musical talent. This talented man is an Armed Forces veteran who lived in Los Angeles for a long time. And before he tried his hand at changing the music industry, he got into the acting business. However, over time he realized that it just wasn’t for him. The music studio was calling out to him. And so he heeded the call and found himself taking his craft seriously.

Alabama Nick is a Southern trap rap artist, and he is about to put Alabama on the map. As mentioned, there really aren’t many famous musicians from Alabama, much less are there any famous rappers. Alabama Nick’s dream is to change this and to leave his mark on the rap game forever. He launched his rap career in 2019, and already, he has made so much progress.

Determined to build his legacy, Alabama Nick teamed up with his nephew, artist, and producer Chefboy Tyree. Together they’ve made songs that artistic people will appreciate. His hyped club lyrics and laced over 808 trap beats, and they’re guaranteed to get you up and on your feet.

Leading with the hometown banger “Alabama,” Alabama Nick has released a number of singles included in his debut album, We the South. He is proudly repping the South through his sound, which is best described as a country rap trap. His creativity and ingenuity set him apart from the rappers of this generation, and for sure, he’ll never bow down to the mumble rap genre. He is a true artist on the rise.

His confidence in himself and his talent allow him to explore different genres without the fear of backlash, so he’s continually looking for ways to better his sound. Alabama Nick has enough talent to go around, and he dreams of reaching more artistic people with his product. His dream to be popular overseas to secure a future in live performances is about to come true. 

If you’re into rap, Southern rap, hip hop, and good music in general, you’re going to want to keep your eye on Alabama Nick. And for sure, you’ll want to make sure you have a front-row seat to his show.

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