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An In-Depth Interview with Scott Howard: An Insight into His Music, the Making of It, and His Upcoming Album “Angel Numbers”



Scott Howard is a gifted musician and songwriter whose works have mesmerized audiences all over the world. We are delighted to be sharing the latest with him and his music. Scott’s music combines folk, rock, and pop elements to produce a distinctive and enduring sound. Scott continues to push the limits of what is conceivable in contemporary music with the release of his upcoming album “Angel Numbers.”


Can you tell us about your creative process when making music, and what inspired you to become a musician?

I had fond childhood memories of synchronicities and good luck.  I had a recurring dream when I was seven years old that I could not comprehend. Every night until it suddenly stopped, I had this dream. I didn’t fully comprehend the significance of the dream until 40 years later. In my upcoming eBook, “A Lightworker’s Journey,” I go into detail about this experience and how it impacted my life.

My immediate family excelled in music … I took piano lessons…. It didn’t stick…. my mother was a painter and sang Broadway tunes & operaso the right side of the brain was full of wonderful memories.  My mother and stepfather founded an opera company called Long Island Lyric Opera Company.

A good friend of hers by the name of Bunny played acoustic guitar and offered to teach me…. I was hooked…. and I wrote my very first song about the civil war… (no clue why).

In 3rd grade, public education in the good ol’ days… was wonderful, and the teachers cared and loved to teach…    I had the pleasure of learning to play the trumpet and later on progressed to the sousaphone which taught me the value of the bassline, to read music, and play in large bands, including the jazz band, orchestra, and all county band in Long Island New York.  We had monthly family evenings where all of our relatives would get together and perform, my grandfather sang “Old Man River” (lol) and everyone else did whatever they did.   My uncle Murray was a comedian or thought of himself as one, and was always making life funny and crazy.

I lived on the water which also included living in a place where fishing was done so the act of working for a living versus being “given” things guided me throughout my life… this world was night and day to this bizarre world we have today…

I was in a Rock band at the age of 11 called Gemini 5 and our first gig was at “Maimonides School for the Handicapped”.  We were terrible but the audience appreciated us and loved the beat and I was hooked on performingever since.

Can you give us some insight into the themes and influences behind your upcoming album “Angel Numbers”?

I went through an Awakening in August 2017 where Source or the Game of Life Masters felt I had enough time playing around and I was going to be needed in my Soul Mission to help raise the vibration with Music from Source in 432Hz.    It began with the purchase of a P900 Nikon Camera.   What I began viewing with my naked eye did not match the camera’s lens.   Then, life went off the rails…on or around 8/5/2017, my hypothalamus became active which elevated me into a higher vibration(connects to the Pineal gland).  I was shown beyond the veil.  To say, I was freaked out was an understatement.  It was like “Lord of the Ring …Middle-Earth,” the veil was pulled back for my “mind’s eye” to see.   I was changing…as was the world around me…  EVERYTHING was and is alive, down to the wind, rocks, water, and sky.  The weekend began with a photo of my balcony on a Thursday night, I looked at the camera on Friday… and a woman appeared with a crown, the next day, clouds were coming in from the ocean and I could make out an armada of cloaked anomalies in the clouds that stopped above my home.   That night they visited me… about 5 of them, small and very tall beings.  My wife saw nothing but I saw them.Yousee, we are all receivers at different frequencies, or based on the vibration we will hear, see and experience a different reality.  I saw beyond the veil and had experiences that have placed me on anever-changing journey.  The Matrix was breaking down, and I was a part of it.  I experienced beings standing up on the sun, and how it was orchestrated(whichscared me the most).   This is the Truman show and we manifest what we think or feel. So be careful what you wish for, you will get it in spades… lol!

On 8/8/2017 a few days into the new reality, I got up and had to go to the drugstore with my wife, I parked outside and waited… the clouds were alive like I was in OZ.   All of a Sudden, a tall (very tall) being flew down:

An Angel flew down from above and stood in front of me…. A world of questions awakened in me….

But all I said was,“come back when I’m free……”Long blond hair and the bluest eyes…all I had was anger inside…. A snapshot seen beyond the veil…decisions in life…did I succeed or fail… did I succeed or fail?”

Title track… “Angel Numbers in 432Hz”

For some reason, I was angry he was there, he was Arch Angel Michael, I had seen huge swords in the sky at least 3 times… I knew who he was, and as it turned out, he knew who I was…

A year later, my son Maxx was taken at the age of 29, due to an accidental drug overdose.   The vision of this Angel, was explained to me 5 years later as I had an aura reading and she saw yellow and blue…. but something else…wings…  Evidently, I had a mission, and was part of my angelic mission, I guess…. So, it was his way of telling me the clock had begun and I was needed to bring this new genre of music to the world…   Angel Numbers is the continuation of our story …as I continued writing and receiving downloads or messages from my angels in the numeric form daily.

I certainly hope you all will resonate with the messages given as all the music I write is prophetic and I seem to know the titles of my work ahead of time “Angel Numbers in 432Hz” is being worked on in the studio and followingafter will be “The Tree of Life in 432Hz”.

To get a feel for the music… listen to my music on Spotify.


What can fans expect from “Angel Numbers” compared to your previous work?

The music is prophetically written so each song tells a different story or a continuation of “THE STORY” (hmmm… could be a good title! Lol). This album will be more of an acoustic album with 10-11 songs, with fewer effects or studio feel to it.   The music is meant to tear away the layers of your ego, and leave you exposed and emotional.   This album is some of the best music I have written and I pray it resonates with love and the heart chakra of all….


Can you speak to the collaboration process with the producer(s) on “Angel Numbers”? 

I had an amazing producer Marc Tanner, we worked together on the first 3 albums, however, he is no longer with us.  He was like my brother and actually came to me a few weeks ago in mysleep, I knew it was him and felt him next to me right before I awoke… wild world.

Currently, the music is all me…with acoustic leads, percussion, and bass. and I am taking whatever Marc taught me to bring this dream of hope and love, to awaken as many as possible…


Can you talk about any personal experiences or events that shaped the making of “Angel Numbers”? 

Finishing my eBook “A Lightworker’s Journey… (The Unseen In-between Kingdom)” which discusses my Awakening and my interactions including photos with Angelic beings.  However, as an interesting experience, I received a call from a Medium about 6 months ago, her name is Cheryl Page, andshe told me she was told by her late fiancé that she needed to reach out to me and do a channeling.  At first, I thought it was a gimmick to get business… but it turned out, it was anything but.   I was asked to give her names of spirits I might want to interact with.  She was putting together a “Knights of the round table” of spirits that wanted to talk to me to give me a message and gift of sorts.   She said, she was given Nikola Tesla and John Lennon to begin.  I was told 5 years ago by Rebecca Flemming another psychic that I had 2 guides… mind you, she knew nothing about me.   Nikolafor the frequency work and John for the music.  I got an email from her telling me, I was spelling Nikola’s name wrong.   Mind you, I was writing a song at that exact time called Nichola, Don, and John… sort of a take on the 60’s song.   Abraham, Martin, and John.   Sure enough, I WAS spelling his name wrong!  LOL!   Those who showed up was wild… my son Maxx on the other side helped put this together… what an amazing experience…  Tesla, Lennon who by the way, made me an official member of his band… (I guess I am owed some Royalties! LOL!) Neil Armstrong, Schumann from the Schuman Resonance.   The next one floored me… VALLIANT THOR, who is from Venus and lived in the Whitehouse in 1958 area to help humans.  Then Michael Angelo… very cool…and a few having to deal with frequency.   Amazing messages and gifts.

What I learned was, I was abducted at age 7 and given upgrades for these events that will be coming to humankind and healing will be needed.   I was told, John and my son would love to jam with me… so hopefully, the album will have some great musicians… my son Maxx was my lead guitarist when he was alive.


How do you see your music evolving in the future, and what are your aspirations as a musician?                                                                                                                                             

The music should always evolve and I do hope it is used in film and sung by others as the music continues to resonate and grow a great grassroots base.   As mentioned earlier, the music is written prophetically and comes through Source…. May our thoughts help me release wonderful lyrics and melodies to manifest an amazing heavenly reality that helps us gain back our excitement, wonder, and zest for a life and future that is better than our base real reality.

Be light!!!

We can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next, and we wish you all the best in your continued musical journey.

It’s been an honor to share Scott Howard’s life and music with our readers. Scott’s love and devotion to his craft are evident in everything he does, from his creative process to his upcoming album “Angel Numbers.” Stay tuned to the upcoming album release soon! Visit for all the latest news and updates!

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