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Art and Love Collaboration with Jennifer Jean



Art and Love Collaboration with Jennifer Jean

Optimistic, In the NOW, provocative in a decorous way—these terms characterize me as an artist. Art and its ability to elevate people inspire me every day. On some level, art is life—my life. Artists stand on the shoulders of our predecessors, capturing the moment of today while embracing the past. As practicing artists, we are as in tune with the activity of those, both past and present, who push the envelope to the maximum of what is defined as art.


A hapa who grew up in Philadelphia and has been creating art for over 15 years, I attended Syracuse University and received my MFA from Boston University. Art and being an artist are therapy for me, not just physically but psychologically and spiritually. My NOW reflects my dual Buddhist-Catholic heritage. In my work, I am frequently exploring the relationship between humans, nature, and objects. I think of art as an objective homage to my Eastern and Western traditions and to the raw architecture and sounds of the city—many hours exploring the 1300 Chestnut Street murals, sketching at the Rodin Museum and sitting/drawing in the Arms and Armor room at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. In addition, I sketched anyone who would let me and sometimes people I saw at a distance (I still remember the glares and fingers of unwilling subjects), adding conflict, balance, and harmony to shape my work’s form and energy in my constant search for new noise and passion.


“Provocative in a decorous way” is a reflection of what is beautiful and sometimes misconceived in our cultures. With no end in sight, my 2D and 3D images are an intimate moment between the viewer and artist in captivating intrigue. 


As long as I am able to create art, write, and experience the joys of life—an optimistic outlook—then I have achieved that balance. My life’s journey consists of always learning, experiencing, and pushing myself to reach for more. It is an ongoing painterly narrative where I hope to always be surrounded by honest critics, and people who are inspiring and stimulated in their own lives. Balance to me is laughing often, and being loved and respected by intelligent people. I want to be mind-blown and leave this world a little better.


A true artist is distinguished by a unique ability to take his or her moment in time and distill its essence so that resulting work becomes timeless. Here, I hope to stand on the shoulders of our predecessors including, among others, Mary Cassatt, Suzanne Valadon Louise Nevelson, Alice Neel, and Kiki Smith.


No fear, with no end in sight.





Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Kivo Daily Magazine