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Best Bounce House to Rent Just Got Simpler



Best Bounce House to Rent Just Got Simpler

Bounce houses are fun, bright and amid the finest means of keeping kids entertained at the time of parties. Also called Moon Walks, it is an inflatable structure that enables kids in jumping and bouncing around. When it is in use, the air blower will pump air constantly into it. Such air-filled, durable toys offer kids a safe and fun environment for playing at the time of parties and events. Children simply adore it as it is ideal for games, thereby creating for them a fascinating wonderland. Some bounce houses allow games like a penalty shootout, basketball, water football, and others. If you are thinking of throwing a party and in doubt how to keep children entertained, then hiring a bounce house will be the perfect answer to for your party planning requirements.

Tips to Consider

While selecting the best bounce house to rent for a party, there are a couple of factors that you need to consider. Take a look at these,

  • Party Theme- First and foremost, consider the theme of the party. There are countless bounce houses which have been specially made for catering the various party themes. For instance, should the party theme be Dora the Explorer then inflatable houses which feature Dora and her backpack, boots, her monkey and Swiper will be the right choice? Similarly, inflatables or moonwalks designed around various characters, dinosaurs, race cars, jungle animals, and more will make an ideal addition for the environment of the party.


  • Size- Size plays a pivotal role, so you need to choose it wisely in order to accommodate all the kids present at the party. Overcrowding a small one will take a toll on its durability. Should you plan in setting this in the backyard, then consider the dimensions to check whether this will accommodate within that limited space. An inflatable house that is lightweight for a backyard should have a size 10 feet wide and 10 feet long and about 6 feet tall. The commercial bounce houses are larger. Along with the space available and the total number of kids, the age of the kids should also be considered. Older kids may feel bored playing in a small bounce house, and younger children will have a challenging time to play on big inflatables having many obstacles.


  • Different Features- Ensure to check its features prior to renting it. Most inflatable combos come with basketball hoops, ball pits, climbing walls, slides, climbers and others. The bounce house must possess a spacious jump area or bounce area that can accommodate a number of kids simultaneously. Most importantly, look for the protective features, namely the roof that prevents that inflatable when kept under the sun against becoming too hot.


  • Capacity- Check the capacity of the bounce house and also the safety instructions for knowing its permissible weight limit.


  • Safety- Children engage in lots of physical activities when they play in a bounce house, so it is crucial to get a house that is strongly built to ensure safety. Always check for safe and lead-free products.

Next time you hire a bounce house, you know how to do it right?

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