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Canvas Cultures: Bringing Artists and Consumers together



Canvas and Culture

Art surrounds us everywhere. As you walk and admire the beautiful pieces around you, how many of you think about the artist behind the piece? The sad reality is that many artists are underappreciated, and under-compensated. Upon realizing this, Joshua Tatum and Joey Baccus decided to create a platform through which artists could be directly connected to the people looking to purchase their art. This platform is now known as Canvas Cultures. Canvas Cultures prides itself on “empowering artists worldwide” by supporting artists-bringing their designs into the home or offices of thousands of people.

The co-founders met at a mastermind event in LA. They bonded over their idea to create a platform to help artists directly, and Canvas Cultures was launched almost 30 days after they met. “We have created a movement, and a platform, that allows artists to successfully and consistently, sell their art online, regardless of resources or huge followings” Joshua explained. Through Canvas Cultures, an artist is able to simply follow their passion and create pieces they are proud of, the rest is handled for them. The truth is that despite talent, it takes a little bit of luck or opportunity to be noticed in the art world. Canvas Cultures offers simply that. Once a piece is created, the marketing & advertising, manufacturing, shipping, and customer service are all taken care of.

The concept of Canvas Cultures is revolutionary for both artists and customers alike. By putting the work of hundreds of artists at customers fingertips, opportunities are endless. What used to be a highly exclusive and time-consuming pastime now takes minutes. Upon entering the website, you are exposed to countless collections making it simple to find a piece that you or anyone on your list will love. For artists, it provides a new level of exposure. With thousands of visitors daily, an artist on Canvas Cultures gets on average 10x more engagement than those that are responsible for their own marketing and advertising. That is just engagement on the front end. Once a piece is hanging in a home or workplace, it is getting constant attention. In fact, Canvas Cultures has sold pieces to many celebrities and athletes, “One notable moment for us was when Shaquille O’Neil contacted our customer service department regarding questions about canvases and pieces for his own home” Joshua emphasized.

Every artist deserves a chance to make it big. Canvas Cultures gives them this chance. With their targeted marketing and exposure, artists are able to continue doing what they love and make a profit from it. This stellar business model has proven to satisfy both the artist and the customer.

Sean Kelly is the president of Jersey Champs, one of the largest jersey companies in North America. Sean Kelly is a public speaker advocating for young entrepreneurs to pursue business opportunities in America.