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Career Opportunity: The iGaming Sector and Its Amazing Potential



Career Opportunity: The iGaming Sector and Its Amazing Potential

You have probably already heard this but, nowadays, virtually everyone is on the Internet. Simply put, there doesn’t appear to be a single individual who is not frequenting the Internet on a daily basis for whatever reason. And while in the past the Internet used to be solely the place you visit to have some fun and de-stress at the end of the day, lately, more and more people are seeing the Internet’s true potential regarding numerous lucrative business opportunities, as well as the fact that it allows people to share various life experiences and advice amongst each other.

Now, while on the topic of online businesses, there are – of course – so many different roads you can choose from, that it might even seem a bit overwhelming at first. But if you are looking to start earning money online, and especially if you are looking to make it your main source of income, you will want to dabble in the industry that is showing positive results, as well as steady market growth. 

However, that being said, you also want to make sure that the market you have chosen is not an overly-saturated one because you want to have as minimal competition as possible. That is where the iGaming industry comes to play. As an individual who undoubtedly likes to have fun from time to time, do know that you can – in fact – make money while doing something you actually enjoy. With that in mind, here are some amazing career opportunities waiting for you in the iGaming industry if this, in fact, sounds like something you might actually enjoy doing. Check them out.


The industry is truly international and multicultural

Focusing solely on the fact that the Internet itself is really a multicultural melting pot, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the iGaming industry is no different. The fact that the people from all over the world are coming together to complete a project and make something for everyone is definitely one of the major perks of working in such an industry. 

What this means is that you will be faced with different characters, people, cultures and even languages on a daily basis, which – if nothing else – will help you grow as a person in the long run. Being in contact with people who have different opinions and who view the world differently than you do will only help you broaden your horizons and encourage you to start thinking outside the box more – both in your personal and professional life. 


There’s truly a lot of relocation possibilities

Since the iGaming market is truly vast, and there are a lot of companies that have offices located in different countries worldwide, a career in this industry is truly not for someone who likes to stay in one place. Depending on your profession, as well as the position within the company, you might be required to move and relocate quite often. 

So, if the globetrotter in you finds this interesting, and if you have always been dreaming about traveling to countries such as Sweden, Malta, UK, Estonia and Asia, a career in the iGaming industry might just be the perfect choice for you.

Finally, another thing you should consider is that the world’s biggest companies are struggling to attract the right iGaming talent because too many salaries are no longer enough to encourage them to relocate. However, if you are someone who doesn’t mind moving around to different locations, this will be a perfect job opportunity. 


There’s a lot of growth potential

Business growth is another important aspect when deciding on your future career path. Simply put, choosing a business that just doesn’t leave enough room to grow and learn new things is not something you should be focusing on because – among all the other reasons – it will become very boring really fast. Now, the great news is that the iGaming industry is experiencing incredible growth in itself which will only open new windows of opportunity for anyone looking to expand their knowledge, boost their career and even learn something new in the process. 

Choosing to build a career in a growing industry that doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon is only a logical way to approach the matter. It wouldn’t make any sense to try and board the sinking ship, if you get what we are saying, so focus on the growing industries, such as the iGaming one, that offers numerous possibilities to grow with it. 

If you take a look at some of the leading iGaming economies, such as the Maltese economy, that generates around €700 million a year and employs a total of 9,000 workers, it becomes quite obvious that this industry is here to stay. Aside from Malta, other countries such as Italy, Sweden, Poland, and the Netherlands are also making significant strides towards pushing legislative proposals to open their own online gambling markets and obtaining the necessary licenses. 


The industry is rich in both financial and progression sense 

Next, if you are looking to tap into a certain industry, you should make sure that it is a rich one, as you can’t hope of reaching financial success in an industry that is struggling to do so itself. And if you look at the predictions that state that the iGaming industry is expected to reach 59.79 USD by the year 2020, it becomes quite obvious why this industry is currently among the leading industries in the world. 

Furthermore, when the career progression opportunities are concerned, talent, commitment and potential are truly being rewarded in this industry, which cannot be said for a lot of other ones. Aside from that, the professionals within the industry are all young individuals who got to their position by working hard and showing their true potential, which can be really refreshing and even motivational to see in the world full of companies run by faceless suits.

When salaries are concerned, according to Times of Malta, last year average base salaries ranged from €90,000 to €140,000 a year. Of course, depending on your position in the industry, you can expect to earn around €20,000 as a part of customer support staff, €80,000 as a manager or ahead of some department, €90,000 as an HR and between €120,000 and €130,000 as either an IT specialist, marketing director, chief operating officer or any other position in the top executive range.  

The industry’s working conditions are completely flexible

As already mentioned, since the industry is so widely spread, it comes as no surprise that the working conditions are as flexible as they get. First and foremost, the tech industry is constantly changing which will require any individual looking to make their way in the iGaming industry try and stay on top of all the latest trends, in hopes of avoiding taking the road to irrelevance before they even begin their professional journey. 

Moreover, this youthful, online-based environment truly understands – and even supports – the flexible working conditions. If you remember that, just a few years ago, the Millennials even “tore down” the dreaded cubicles in the office space environment and introduced the lovely open floor plan, so it really comes as no surprise that they are changing all the other aspects of doing business as well. And, the thing is that these changes are actually bringing forth very positive results. 


In this industry, the road to success is a comfortable one

Usually, in the business world, prior experience, expertise, and even education play a vital role when it comes to applying for a certain position and hoping to be selected. However, in the iGaming industry, while some previous experience is favorable, it is definitely not the key factor that will determine your faith. For instance, having any previous experience in fields such as SEO, customer generation and retention, HR, marketing or even programming is great, no matter if your previous positions had virtually nothing to do with the world of gambling. 

That being said, in order to be able to truly call yourself a professional or an expert in the field, you won’t have to break your back on the job or spend many sleepless nights pursuing an excellent business deal. Instead, your own talent, drive, and motivation will be more than enough to keep you going and help you reach success sooner than you think. 


Therefore, if you are looking to start building a career within a certain online market, consider joining the iGaming industry. Not only will you be able to use your talent to reach success faster than in any other industry, but you will also get the chance to meet a lot of interesting people, as well as cultures, and probably even travel the world while doing what you actually enjoy. So, be bold, be determined, good luck and don’t forget to have fun doing what you truly enjoy thoroughly.

Marco Lopo is a Sydney-based business consultant and a marketing analyst. He writes about business and lifestyle. He thinks that's the perfect opportunity to present himself to a wider audience and receive recognition. In his free time, Marco enjoys music, travelling and also is a big reading enthusiast.