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Choosing the Right Parade Banner



Choosing the Right Parade Banner

A parade is always a big occasion for any community. The colorful floats, characters, and decorations are always a big hit. Local groups and businesses participate to increase visibility within the community. The reasons for being in a Parade are many. Still, one of the main benefits is exposure for you and your company or group. A parade is an excellent event to tell the community about your company or club. While the theme and decorations can say much about your club, a parade banner gives details. A parade banner basically serves as a business card with all your group information.

Fabric or Vinyl Parade Banner?

Most Parade banners are made of either a fabric or vinyl material. Each of these choices has distinct advantages. So Let’s check out the advantages and drawbacks of each one.

Fabric Parade Banners are Easier to Clean and Store

A fabric banner may be the best choice if you use your banner more than once. A fabric parade banner can be easily folded for transit and storage. Instead, a vinyl banner must be rolled up and stored in a tube. This is to prevent creasing or scratching of the graphics.

When it comes to cleaning your banner, Fabric parade banners are machine washable. Whereas vinyl banners require wiping with a soft cloth and cleaner. The convenience of just throwing your banner in the washer saves time and effort. You can wipe a vinyl banner, but you will need careful not to scratch the graphics or form creases in the plastic.

Fabric Parade Banners have a Classier Look

Fabric parade banners are of good quality and convey that you are serious and proud of your group. By contrast, vinyl banners are cheap and disposable, and they look it. Remember your banner represent your group. So if it looks cheap, it can make your group look low quality to.

Vinyl Banners are Less Expensive

Vinyl Parade Banners have some advantages worth noting. First, banners are less expensive than fabric banners. They are a great choice if you only want to use them once for a special message. So if you are on a budget, a vinyl parade banner is going to be the best option.

Availability Considerations

Only a limited number of dealers offer custom-made fabric parade banners online. By contrast, there are numerous sellers providing vinyl parade banners. You will have plenty of options with a vinyl parade banner.

Parade Banner Turnaround

Another key advantage to buying a vinyl parade banner is the quick turnaround time. You can expect to wait only a few days before receiving your banner. In contrast, a fabric banner can take upwards of a week. A quick turnaround can be highly beneficial if you have limited time.
The turnaround time on a Vinyl Parade Banner is usually much quicker than on a fabric parade banner.

Fabric Parade Banner Durability

Fabric parade banners are durable and long-lasting. You can use the same fabric banner time and again for years. By contrast, vinyl parade banners can wear out quickly without proper caring and storage. You can reuse it a few times if you manage to store it right. But as with any form of pvc, eventualy the banner will be prone to cracking or creasing. The appearance soon degrades after a few uses.

Because fabric banners allow air to pass through the material, they are much easier to carry than vinyl. In addition, a fabric parade banner is far easier to control in high winds. Whereas, a vinyl banner can quickly become cumbersome if carrying for long periods of time.

So in the end, if you want a more polished look and don’t mind spending a little extra time and money, fabric banners are the better choice. No matter which type of parade banner you choose, be sure to get creative with your design and have fun with your community!