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Contemporary Cellist Uses Music to be an Inspiration



Music is one of the most profound ways to enter people’s souls. It has a unique ability to draw listeners from all over the world. Music paves the way for cultures to come together and tear down differences. Contemporary cello player, Joshua Bryant, uses his talent to inspire people from all around the world.

More prominently known as BryantDaCellist, the artist combines the classic and timeless sound of the cello with his modern flair. Even when he plays famous cello compositions, Joshua has a unique way to make every piece his own. With over 16 years of experience in playing the cello, Joshua has been able to find his niche in the industry. He discovered a way for audiences would easily distinguish him from other artists. 

Joshua has an undeniable passion for art. Listeners remember him for his authenticity. The cellist has graced some of the biggest stages in the United States and has made several TV appearances. Joshua has played in the iconic Centennial Park in Nashville, Tennessee, where he captured the audience with his original and fresh take on the cello. He has also been featured on ABC 24 News, where the whole country discovered who BryantDaCellist is.

His milestones are something that other aspiring artists are dreaming of. Joshua considers it a very humbling experience whenever he gains praise from his followers on social media. It motivates him every day to better his craft and maximize his platforms. His Instagram, for instance, has over 8,000 followers and is a growing community of fans and music enthusiasts.

Joshua makes the most out of his digital audience by introducing new styles in playing the cello and approaching songs differently. He regularly posts his contemporary cello covers on his pages and impresses fans all over the world. 

Aside from being a phenomenal contemporary cellist, Joshua is also a talented actor. He has been scouted to star in several Hallmark movies where he quickly impressed producers and fellow actors. His latest acting gig is for another movie. Joshua scored his most recent role because his past acting jobs were memorable. The artist has a unique way of portraying any role given to him and brings them to life. 

Either in playing the cello or in acting, Joshua does well in his careers because he wants to be a positive example for his hometown, Memphis, Tennessee. Joshua believes how important it is for the younger generation to have someone to look up to, and he wants to be that person. He wants to help the youth develop their talents and guide them in pursuing their dreams. 

Joshua wants to share his experiences in the entertainment industry. As a cellist, he aims to collaborate with local schools to establish a music program and encourage students to hone their musical talents. As an actor, Joshua tries his best to spread out positivity through every role. 

Joshua is an original. He is not trying to be someone that he is not. Instead, he focuses his talent and determination to be the best version of himself. Joshua shows the world that anyone who dares to dream can become a success.

To follow BryantDaCellist and his music, visit his Instagram.

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