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Crowd Surge Brings Local Acts to the Spotlight



The entertainment industry has always been cut-throat and competitive. Almost every day, new artists emerge to share their art with the rest of the world. And these artists will do anything to have their time in the spotlight, while some are lucky enough to get their big breaks, the majority stay behind still waiting for their time to shine.

The passion to help local artists get their spotlight is the driving force that pushed Adam Goldenberg to start Crowd Surge.

Crowd Surge is a South Jersey-based entertainment company that helps local artists perform in the spotlight. CEO and founder, Adam Goldenberg, began his venture in the music industry at the age of 12, by DJing for his father’s company. In his second year of high school, he developed his own DJ entertainment business, which quickly developed into a source to manage local artists.

Crowd Surge aims to give these artists their time to finally shine.

“Good music is good music, it doesn’t matter if it came from a local or international artist what matters is that its good music and good music should be heard and showcased to the rest of the world,” said Adam Goldenberg.

Since the beginning of the company in 2019, the company has managed and handled several up and coming Rap, Hip-hop, and Electric Dance Music (EDM) artists.

This includes songwriter and artist Marc Gabriel Somers, more popularly known as MGS. His music consists of alternative, hip-hop, and rap. His innovative sound that blends a multitude of genres is what makes him a standout artist. His unpredictable creativity and unique style always have made him an artist to look out for.

Born in Marlton New Jersey, Singer-songwriter TH3ORI was never formally trained in music. His childhood was normal, full of sports, friends, and always trying new things. The new thing he never found himself trying, was singing, but now he finds himself in the studio day in and day out, trying to produce music to help his fans through difficult times. Furthermore, TH3ORI has released 7 singles and is looking forward to releasing a full-length album.

Flowbubble is an 18-year-old upcoming EDM Producer and DJ. He began studying music in his younger years. Now, the artist has an unlimited amount of energy towards constructing music and is capable of doing everything next to the impossible. Flow has the ability to produce all types of music. He generally goes down the path of EDM but has the potential to create anything you could imagine. People who have listened to Flow has found peace and enjoyment in his music

“Your local artists may be local artists now, but that won’t be for long, with right representation and opportunities to expand and grow, you may be a local artist now but tomorrow you’ll conquer the world,” said Adam Goldenberg.

“Crowd Surge is growing and will continue to grow, right now we cover Rap, Hip-hop, and EDM but eventually we are aiming to expand to cover all genres of music,” ended Goldenberg

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