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DND Recording’s BLEAM: More Than Just A Breakout Artist



DND Recording’s BLEAM: More Than Just A Breakout Artist

In the world of emerging musical artists, few musicians are enjoying as much success as Southern-California’s BLEAM (@BLEAM). A recent addition to the House music scene, BLEAM has quickly risen in the charts with breakout hits “Antigua” and widely supported “Soul Searching.” BLEAM recently enjoyed prime placements on Spotify’s editorial playlists ‘Hot New Dance’ and ‘Friday Cratediggers’.

The artistic mind behind BLEAM’s success is California DJ Ryan Eshaghi. In bringing BLEAM to life, Eshaghi has brought together many of his passions, from the intricate art of sushi making to the deep storytelling of music. Despite his rise to success, BLEAM is more than the average House artist. Driven by a drive and passion to create unforgettable music, Eshaghi wants BLEAM to be a vehicle for truly inspiring storytelling.


Humble Beginnings

Born and raised in Southern California, Eshaghi was raised by two loving parents who pushed him to succeed and pursue his passion. “My parents are actually my heroes,” says Eshaghi. “My mom and dad are kind of like my personal “yin and yang.”

Eshaghi says that while his mom encouraged him to follow his passions, his father was integral in helping him develop a strong work ethic and discipline that wasn’t satisfied with the status quo.

Following his parents’ encouragement, Eshaghi took his shot at the SoCal DJ scene. He found unique opportunities to DJ in his local Orange County, but with the launch of BLEAM, Eshaghi finally found the unique outlet to push his craft further.

His first major success came with the single “Antigua”. After the single took off in the industry, BLEAM caught the eye of Mixmash Records, which signed him shortly after for an original track “Soul Searching” and an official remix “Runaway”. For BLEAM, the door was now open to pursue music professionally and climb the ranks. Shortly after, he signed with Bijou’s Do Not Duplicate Recordings (DND) and made his debut on October 1st with his highly anticipated track “Freak Show.”


More Than Music

The idea for the name BLEAM aligns perfectly with Eshaghi’s future aspirations. It stems from computer science jargon and means to transmit data between sources. “That inspires me, and I hope to translate some of my technical interests into the music I make, either lyrically or with sound design,” says Eshaghi.

Technology isn’t BLEAM’s only inspiration. A lot of the unique intricacies and creative elements that spark Eshaghi’s musical genius comes from a surprising place: the world of sushi. “Sushi is a major passion of mine. I actually used to ghostwrite sushi restaurant reviews for a few critics.” According to Eshaghi, the intricacies involved with creating sushi has given him insight into the complicated and delicate art of making a house. However, BLEAM’s love of sushi goes beyond the plate.

“I would love to one day open my own sushi lounge. I think that outside of music, the one place I would dedicate my time and passion toward is a luxury yet casual sushi spot. I’ve always loved the taste and fusion dishes, and I’m now spending lots of my free time making and learning about it as well.”

For BLEAM, the principles of business are closely related to the world of music – being willing to push through beyond the market expectations and those who don’t believe you can make a difference, and through trial and error – creating a unique offering that blows away consumers. For Eshaghi, the BLEAM project allows him to innovate each and every day, and share that creative space with others too.


Check Out BLEAM – Streaming Now On Spotify

With a dynamic and creative blend of some of the industry’s most impressive sounds, BLEAM continues to enjoy a fast rise to fame in the music industry. Just last year, BLEAM performed for over 4,000 fans at Summerlands Music Festival, and we know that the sky is the limit for this hot electronic act. Listen to BLEAM on your favorite streaming platform online, and keep an eye on Spotify for brand new BLEAM music coming soon!


Follow Ryan Eshaghi and BLEAM online, and check out the latest tracks from BLEAM on Spotify.

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