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Dream Do Comes True: Photographer Jeremiah Davis Tours the World With Music’s Top Artists



Jeremiah Davis

Opportunity rarely knocks, until that time you are ready. And few people have ever been prepared without receiving an opportunity’s call. Now, when Chainsmokers asked for referrals to shoot videos on their tours, Kramer’s response was, ‘Jeremiah Davis can do it!’ These proceedings were after Davis had slid through the DM of Rory Kramer. The lucky chance was timely. Davis had just worked on the “Closer video,” and this ‘opportunity’ seemed to be looking for him. 

That is how he found his way in the Chainsmokers team- as part of the Chainsmokers’ photographer-videographer rotation, an engagement that has made him tour the world. Ever since, the photogenic celebrity has been a superstar in the Chainsmokers team, especially after his “Closer” lyric video went viral, surpassing the 1 billion mark on Youtube. 


Snapchatting “Without Limits”

He just happened. A Los Angeles millennial photographer. At the age of 24, he had already starred in his Snapchat Original show. His new Snapchat show, “Without Limits,” now founded in the Discover feed every weekend. In his global trips, Davis engages in ‘risky’ activities, which are displayed in his shows. In the process of his work, Jeremiah Davis has learned that having an audience is a blessing, if not a gift! Why? Because the world is flooded with talents, yet not everyone gets an opportunity to have a platform. 

As he tours the world with the music’s biggest production duo, directing commercial work for billion-dollar brands, and building an avid social media following, Davis is showing a clear indication that no man is limited. That you too, if you desire to travel to places and get paid to do it, or you want to have your own apartment and be the landlord, or you want to own a restaurant and be a head chef. All things are possible! Or probably you want to become the next podcaster? Well, nothing should stop you! There are no limits to what you can do on this earth. 


Why Davies Is Creating Outside of Other people’s Mentions

When he chooses to do something,  he does it with all the passion, patience, persistence, and proper planning. That is the reason Davis has made waves in many industries by jumping into new roles with an eye pop culture and a camera around his neck. For instance, in his global trips with the grammy award winners, you might spot him behind the band when the show is on- doing his “thing”- shooting video. 

Besides, the photographer often feels wise to stay true to himself and, most importantly, true to his values. The Chainsmokers and his team allow him to do so, even as he gives a helping hand to the fans’ insight on guys’ experiences, making them push for more shows. And without a doubt, Davis will be there with them. 

The champion has run five photo+ video workshops in one and a half years around the world, visiting over 50 countries. Jeremiah’s choice of; Travel, concern, brand, and lifestyle photography has enabled him to build an audience of 100k+ on Instagram and 100M+ music videos for the Chainsmokers(Hope). But this he did not achieve through job applications!


The Future belongs To Those Who Believe In their Dreams

Davis had a vision. He wanted “to influence” and make an impact. As an equal parts artist and entrepreneur, he was a visionary trendsetter and tastemaker. It was through Instagram that his dream came true. He connected to music producers with influence and talent, landing a job that enables him to traverse the globe with the likes of fiery Chainsmokers. 

Popularly known as ThatOneBlondKid, Davis also took his styled social video to TV with “This Is MVMT” campaign. He has produced content with the MTV’s crew “The Buried Life, “and has also shot projects for G-Eazy. His dream to see his travel-related series on Snapchat running is slowly coming to a reality. 

Davis’s Future is even brighter. Can you imagine, if, since graduation, the drone photographer has spent his days touring the globe with top music artists, without ever filling out a job application, then what kind of future awaits? It is a future higher than touching lives and earning multiple million dollars a month. Therefore, every dream can become a reality if we pursue them always remembering that every dream begins with a dreamer.