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Eddie “Jay” Hustle: Bringing the Latin Genre to the Next Level



The Latin Pop Music genre is an ever-evolving type of music that is going head-to-head with the popular songs of this generation. Its danceable, alluring, and fun beat are features that attract listeners from all over the world. Eddie “Jay” Hustle is allowing Miami-based artists to be heard on the airwaves through his recording company.

Producing a song and making it available in different streaming platforms cost a lot of money. Some artists give up on their dream because of the lack of funding. Jay understands this struggle, and it is for this reason that he chose to be a silent investor in La Vuelta Records, a recording company operating in the U.S. and Colombia at the same time. 

Jay is a well-known investor and entrepreneur in the Latin Music industry. His passion for music and helping Latin American artists are best seen in the six years that he has dedicated his resources to develop talents. He has worked closely with famous Latin American artists that include Jowell of Jowell and Randy, Kris R, Abrina, Young Drummer Boy, Lyan, Slim400, Kap G, and Frankie J. 

Under La Vuelta Records, Jay produced projects with Abrina and Cash. These two influential and talented artists are making waves in the music industry. Abrina’s songs have premiered on Empire and played on major radio stations in L.A., New York, and San Diego. Their collaboration is something that he hopes would bring something new to Latin Music fans. 

The demand for more Latin Music in the industry is undeniably strong. With Jay opening the doors of his recording studio even to new talent, it is paving the way for new discoveries. Such an opportunity is rare, especially in L.A. Nonetheless, Jay believes that believing in the abilities of his fellow Latin Americans can give rise to even greater songs in the future. 

Aside from working with both emerging and famous artists to produce new songs, Jay is also into producing shows and concerts for other musicians. He is known for his success in this area, even in Colombia and Puerto Rico. He also aspires to be recognized around the world as a respectable talent manager and music mogul. 

Jay draws inspiration from life’s pain and happiness. He believes in the power of a song to impact a person’s mood and way of thinking. Being aware of his deep love for music gives him clarity of what he should do moving forward. By using what he has in front of him, he works on creating masterpieces. This attribute is strongly influenced by his love for Bob Marley’s songs known for initiating change in society and the world in general. 

His passion for music is also inspired by the likes of P. Diddy and Filipino-Puerto Rican singer and producer, Gary Valenciano. Gary V’s mother was a Puerto Rican opera singer who passed away in 2019. Gary V is famous for his songs “Take Me Out of the Dark,” “Lead Me, Lord,” and “Shout for Joy.”

  1. Diddy, on the other hand, is a famous rapper, songwriter, singer, record producer, and entrepreneur. He is best known for his popular songs like “Mo Money Mo Problems,” “I’ll Be Missing You,” and “Been Around the World.”

When he is not in his studio working with artists on a new song, Jay spends quality time with his loved ones or trains in Martial Arts.

For artists who are starting to find their way into the music industry, Jay advises them to develop an amazing team and stay focused on the goal. He believes in the saying, “If you play golf long enough in a lightning storm you will eventually get struck by lightning.” Staying driven, hardworking, and hopeful that hard work eventually pays off is something that Jay wants to teach the new generation of artists.  

Staying humble is a key attitude as well. “Being a diva never results in long term success, it simply results in having a bad reputation,” says the music producer. 

More than gaining worldwide recognition for himself is Jay’s sincere desire to help his fellow Latin Americans gain an appreciation for their craft. With the likes of Jay giving opportunities to new artists to be heard, one can expect more releases in the coming months. 

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