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Forever Current CEO Gabriel Galinsky Launches Educational Podcast With Wife Andrea Galinsky: ‘Entertainment Biz with Andi G’



Gabriel Galinsky, the CEO and Executive Producer at Forever Current Studios, and his wife, Host, and Producer Andrea Galinsky aka “Andi G”, recently launched an empowering educational podcast featuring exclusive interviews with experts in the entertainment and business fields. “Entertainment Biz Podcast with Andi G” is in association with Forever Current and is intended to provide knowledge, mentorship, current industry insights, guidance on brand or business development, and career growth hacks for its listeners. 

In his career, Gabriel has worked with several platinum and Grammy-winning songwriters and producers, some who have served as his early mentors and helped him understand the success formula for creating hit records. His music has landed on MTV, WorldStarHipHop, and Beatport Top 40 among various other publications, and received airplay on radio stations throughout the United States and abroad. To date, his musical works have accumulated over 80 Million streams across streaming and social media platforms, independently, without considering the various projects and performances that he and his team have earned with major artists. 

Gabriel’s Forever Current Studios is a multi-disciplinary media company that specializes in audio/music production, film production, music publishing and licensing, artist and brand development, YouTube and podcast series development, as well as digital and influencer marketing. It is geared towards empowering and helping musicians transform their brands and launch their careers. Forever Current’s unique hands-on approach has made Gabriel and his team a game-changer in the music and entertainment field. 

Gabriel’s resume boasts of working with a 16-year old singer who, through Forever Current, achieved tremendous success with her first-ever studio projects. Gabriel and his team produced, co-wrote, and managed the campaign for her songs, and, within the first year of their release, garnered 4 million streams across all platforms. In doing so, the singer also grew her social media fan base to collect more than a hundred and forty thousand followers. 

Aside from his impeccable reputation in the music industry, Gabriel is also a Commercial Video Producer, Talent Manager, Marketing Consultant, and has served as an expert speaker on several Music Industry Panels. His portfolio includes working as an associate producer and on-camera talent for hit reality TV show ‘Catfish,’ where he is credited for one of its highest-performing episodes in MTV history. Leading his Forever Current film production crew, he produced the documentary trailer for Johnny Bohmer’s thrilling and historic attempt to break his own previous world record of achieving 283Mph in a standing mile in a street-legal car. 

Gabriel is presently preparing to launch his new book entitled ‘“Getting Paid From Music”- The Ultimate Music Business Guide for Artists, Songwriters, and Producers.’ The book will be available this August 2020, which will detail the formula to success, and specifically how to activate all of the revenue streams available in the music industry. 

While finalizing his book, Gabriel and his wife continue to bolster their “Entertainment Biz Podcast” lineup with exciting new faces who share their inspirational stories and career advice; including for the most recent Episode 5, the 9-year old Hollywood music prodigy, Madison Baez, who is set for her upcoming series television debut as the Young Selena Quintanilla, in the upcoming Netflix original, “Selena: The Series.” 

Episode 4 featured attorney Alex Loveyko, of the ‘Chase Lawyers’ Miami/New York based Music and Entertainment law firm. Alex has advised major international brands during his career, including one of the most famous IP brands in the world – the Russian animated TV series “Masha and the Bear”, as well as fashion designers, inventors, musicians, record labels, movie makers, and international athletes!

Through the podcast and his company’s Artist Development program, Gabriel shares his industry experience, guidance, and inspires his listeners to achieve the success that he has with Forever Current Studios and its many impressive campaigns. With undeniable skills and demonstrated leadership, he sets an example for aspiring artists and entrepreneurs on how to avoid career-crippling mistakes, how to keep your brand ‘forever current,’ and how to make a living doing what you love.

Connect with Gabriel on his different platforms via LinkTree. For pro tips and tricks on the music and entertainment business, listen to the podcast or visit Forever Current.

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