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Frederik Abas the well known DJ from the Netherland who played with Tiësto, Don Diablo and Quintino



Frederik Abas, Dj and producer from the Netherlands tells his story of how the path of life takes you to fulfilling dreams you even thought possible.

From a young age Frederik dreamed of being a Pilot, he grew up with the idea of becoming the same as his role model, his father; whom was a pilot for KLM, a renown flying company. It wasn’t until he became a teenager at about fifteen years old where we started to fall in love with music, djing and production. As he constantly used to frequent places that inspired him to rethink about his interests and reconsider new dreams and new horizons. One year later 1991, at the age of sixteen he began working for a drive-in show company as a light and sound technician and two years later, Frederik started playing music at wedding and college parties.

As every artist and professional sometime in their lifetime they were inspired but someone or something, for Abas his early inspirations to get into dance music were Dutch house founders DJ Marcello and DJ Dimitri Kneppers. Back then he also got inspired to play club house and tech house music, his future was set before him at this early age.

In the music industry it’s important to stand up for a genre or a customized style which defines you and somehow with time becomes your identity or brand, Frederik’s style is considered energetic and danceable, without losing his underground identity.

During his professional decisions, he tried for law school and others but everything ended up  leading him to music. Frederik’s career with booking began at the Beverwijk Bazaar in 1994 for the Loveland organization, well-known and highly successful in the Netherlands. Frederik has played at Loveland Festival for 8 years.

“Befriend some like-minded people in the community, and make yourself valuable to them.” Frederik said.

Abas has been the resident DJ of Amsterdam’s biggest nightclub: Escape Amsterdam since 2005. In 2006, Frederik had the honor of being personally invited by DJ Tiësto to perform an extended 3.5 hour club and tech house set for his own event. Subsequently a residency followed at Bloomingdale beach club alongside Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Roog, Don Diablo and other important DJs at Escape as Quintino, Sidney Samson, Jean and Tony Cha Cha.

2023 for sure will be full of surprises from Abas, projecting himself many events and also commitment to studio projects that will elevate his profile to the next level. He is set to travel to the US to play in Los Angeles shortly. And aiming for Tomorrowland.

“Aim for your dreams, but don’t lose yourself along the way. Sometimes the road to greatness takes creating your own path.” – Frederik Abas.

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