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Giveaway Bags: Ending Parties on a High Note



Giveaway Bags: Ending Parties on a High Note

Organizing a party can be a daunting task. The level of micromanagement and planning that goes into a hosting a party can get overwhelming, particularly if it is all left to one person.

From choosing event ideas and picking the overall theme for the party to finalizing the party venue – there’s just so much to do. Not to mention, you have to choose the menu and entertainment, select the décor and furnishings, and send out the invitations. In short, a lot goes into organizing a party and even the best of efforts can be quickly forgotten once the party is over.

However, you can make your party more memorable for the people by ending it on a grand note. So, how can you make it more memorable? By giving them something, like a giveaway bag, to remember it by.

A giveaway bag is one of the best ways to end a party, as it serves as a final treat and surprise for the gifts. Gift bags and giveaways are not only a hit with kids at birthday parties but with adults too! There are many ways to fill your giveaway bags. Check the list below and decide how to best stock your giveaway bags and surprise your guests.


1. Candies and Sweets

This one is a bit on the childish side, but who does not have a sweet tooth?

They may not be remembered forever, but sweets and candies can provide just the perfect dose of enjoyment at the end of the night. These small treats will really allow the guests to savor the day’s proceedings and wrap it up on a sweet note. This is the perfect cap to hosting a successful party and leaving guests with smiles on their faces as they depart.


2. Chocolates

If you want to go for something more sophisticated, refined, and elegant, then opt for fine chocolates, truffles or bon-bons.  These are perfect for post-party giveaway bags. Everyone loves chocolates and unlike sweets and candies, fancy chocolates target adult audiences more exclusively and are more socially acceptable as adult gifts. Small boxes of gourmet or specialty chocolates will give that touch of luxury and indulgence to your guests and really make your party memorable for them.

If you want to take it a step further, and really provide the guests with a nightcap, then opt for boozy spirit-infused chocolates which will instantly charm guests at the first bite and have them smiling in delight.


3. Handmade Soaps

Hand-crafted soaps and lotions are also worthy options for post-party giveaway bags. Take the opportunity to introduce your guests to local artisans and your favorite regionally-made products. By including daily hand soaps or face cleansers, this will give your guests a chance to remember the event long after it is over.

Keep in mind that not all guests like fancy soaps, and there may be allergy issues to contend with. If this is the case, then consider something like baking kits. Your caterer or local baking shop should be able to help you prepare premade options, with ingredients that keep for a while, and directions that are simple and easy to follow. Sending your guests home with something they can actually use is more likely to leave a positive final impression.


4. Exotic Pastries

You can’t go wrong with sweets, candies, or gourmet chocolates. However, while these are crowd-pleasing favorites, they are fairly traditional and used frequently for gift bags and giveaway bags.

The main purpose of giveaway bags is that one last and final surprise and delight. So, why not check out exotic and foreign pastries which come as one or two biters? Turkish pastries like basbousa and baklava are some famously delicious concoctions which are gaining traction in America.

Treat your guests to these delicious wonders from Turkey and let the end of your party be an enjoyable experience that also gives your guests a taste of other cultures and cuisines.


5. Line-a-Day Quotation Books

Giveaway bags do not always have to be about treats and candy. Perhaps even more memorable and long-lasting than treats will be items for the desk or home office. Small books with quotes or lines of wisdom will not only leave a positive impact on your guests but they can also be imprinted with the name and date of the event. This will ensure that your guests remember exactly where the book came from, and have positive associations of the event for a long time to come.

They might even incorporate the daily quote into their life, for example, by posting a particularly meaningful quote on the company Slack channel or above their workstation. Knowing you positively impacted the lives of your attendees is a reward in itself, lasting even longer than momentary satisfaction from the most delicious treats.


6. Virtual Gifts

In the age of social media and the internet, where almost every facet of our lives is being shared across the internet, digital and virtual gifts can be some of the most convenient and exciting, not to mention, eco-friendly gift options for your giveaway bags.

Codes and discounts to eBooks, streaming sites, audiobooks, food app codes, and other digital gift certificates will go highly appreciated by guests since most of us use social media and the internet for these purposes. These virtual gifts are much more convenient and eco-friendly than traditional physical gifts since they consume little to no space.


7. Handcrafted Keepsakes

Making something by hand for your guests can be painstaking work, but it can also be rewarding. For example, a refrigerator magnet, bottle opener or business card holder that you design and craft will hold more value than its store-bought counterpart. Especially if you are high up in the company, or well known in the workplace, your attendees would likely cherish something that they know you made by hand. They may be simple, but many people will cherish the handmade simplicity, charm, and imperfection of your craft.


The list above scratches the surface of what you can provide and stock in your giveaway and gift bags. Depending on the nature of your event, there are many more options. For example, children’s parties themed parties or environmental parties where you can gift seeds or flowers in the gift bag!

At the end of the day, it is all about creativity. Think out of the box and wow your guests. You can even try multiple things and see which ones work best on the audience.

Author Bio:

Amanda McPhail runs the booking team for deck655 – a sophisticated and fun event space in downtown San Diego. Amanda has longstanding expertise in the wedding and event industry, and she enjoys blogging about the latest trends and industry topics.