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How Justin Liwen Has Utilized TikTok Algorithm Manipulation in Social Media Marketing



In the rapid world if technology we live in there’s a new trend and viral sensation almost daily, and TikTok accounts for 99% of it. Justin Liwen, an 18-year-old entrepreneur from Virginia took note of this quickly began to capitalize off it. With his digital marketing agency Feuhle Media, Liwen been able to take advantage of the invasive nature of TikTok and its algorithm to reap it for all its benefits.

Liwen has repeatedly praised TikTok on his personal Twitter page (@justnliwen), noting its cost efficiency compared to other platforms and the opportunities the app holds especially for smaller scale businesses. From what Liwen explained to us, “TikTok almost hands virality out if it can recognize you as a creator consistently posting original content.” He urges creators and other entrepreneurs to “do their homework.” Liwen stated “social media will only continue to be integrated with our lives in the future. An argument between political figures on Twitter will get more views than a debate now, it might be funny but that shows a lot.” Strongly believing that social media navigation is not something that’ll be reserved only for influencers, soon it’ll become a crucial skill needed by everyday people.

It’s important to note a question many of you might be having, which is why does any of this matter? It matters because it’s never been easier to reach millions of new clients, connections, investors, and more. Feuhle Media has streamlined organic TikTok virality through algorithm manipulation, customizing the placement of uploaded content on the algorithm and then targeting specific audiences with a large network of accounts. Not giving away too much information on his actual process, Liwen wanted to share that “You can essentially tell TikTok exactly who to show your content to just off keystrokes.” From this and everything else he’s learned; he’s strategized many marketing services but there’s one I’d like to shed light on.

What really surprised me was how Liwen describes his artist marketing process. He explained through a wide network of accounts and his strategies to posting content, he can rack up hundreds of thousands views under any artists song within a few weeks. Liwen’s process is finding a trending snippet of his clients song, creating a very simple trend to replicate, and mass pushing out content. While explaining this he brought up an interesting point, looking back at some of the biggest song hits in 2022 – how many of them were from TikTok trends? The virality and outreach TikTok holds is immense, Liwen urges artists to take time and to study into the algorithms.

In conclusion, Justin Liwen’s success with TikTok algorithm manipulation highlights the importance of staying ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing. As social media continues to be integrated into our daily lives, the ability to navigate and capitalize on its algorithms will become an increasingly crucial skill. Through his digital marketing agency Feuhle Media, Liwen has been able to capitalize on the immense virality and outreach of TikTok, streamlining organic virality through his algorithm manipulation strategies. Liwen’s success in artist marketing also emphasizes the potential for TikTok to launch up-and-coming artists into the spotlight. As technology continues to develop, Liwen’s strategies may become the new norm for social media marketing, making his insights and advice even more valuable to entrepreneurs and creators.

For more information, please visit Justin Liwen’s website or contact him via his socials.

I am Aidan, a columnist of KivoDaily. I write about business, celebrities, entertainment and online marketing.