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How Maxx Paradox Uses His Musical Talents To Motivate Himself to Success



Maxx Paradox

Maxx Paradox ​is an upcoming musician currently living in Yonkers, New York. Despite being diagnosed with major depression, Maxx doesn’t let this diagnosis define his future. By being exposed to music early on in his childhood through his father, who was a singer in a small band himself, Maxx began to fall in love with music as well. As ​Maxx​ grew up, he found himself falling in love with hip-hop music, and he began writing lyrics to his own songs.

Early on into his career, ​Maxx Paradox​ became motivated by the response people had to his music. Maxx initially began writing lyrics as a therapy method for himself; however, it turned into more than this as he grew. Seeing all of the positive feedback he was receiving made Maxx realize that his songs can have a serious impact on people.

When describing who influenced him to begin writing songs, ​Maxx​ explains that he always looked up to artists like Juice Wrld, XXX Tentacion, and Lil Peep. Maxx continued to discuss these artists and how he aspires to have a similar influence, saying, “Their ability to be vulnerable and relate to people’s pain through their music is something that motivated me to start being more open in my music about my emotions and my struggles with mental health. I’m trying to help people through rough times in their life while I try to find my own happiness”.

Getting connected in the music industry is always a challenge for upcoming artists, and​ Maxx ​explains the challenges he has faced thus far. Maxx explains that having the drive to continue working on your passion is one of the hardest parts, especially when you’re putting all your money into it and not seeing anything back initially.

By facing fear head-on, ​Maxx​ explains his key to letting fear motivate you instead of stopping you. Maxx stated, “The fear of failure usually leads people to fail. Being comfortable with being uncomfortable is ultimately going to lead you to success. Some people also fear other opinions, just be yourself!”

Currently, ​Maxx Paradox​ is surrounding himself with people who have all worked with big names. Maxx has several unreleased projects which are on the way with multiplatinum producers. The most recent release will be on Monday, April 27th, with the drop of “Ray-Bans.” Following that, Maxx is dropping “Lost EP” in late May.

To keep up with ​Maxx Paradox​ and listen to his current music, follow him ​here​.

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