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How Music Star Wrista is Inspiring Youngsters to Pursue Their Dreams




When you think about Hip Hop, crime and violence come to your mind. Bahraini artist Wrista took a completely different direction in establishing his music career and life path.

​Abdulrahman Al-Sahaf, also known as Wrista, is a popular Hip-Hop Artist from Bahrain​, a wealthy island in the Gulf. Despite his young age, Wrista has already built a prestigious track record of Hip Hop hits with millions of plays and streams on platforms such as Soundcloud and Spotify.

What differentiates his music and connects him so deeply with his passionate audience is the way he treats music. This noble art has always been a therapeutic tool for Wrista and this deep emotional connection easily transferred over to his audience. He vents through music to heal himself while simultaneously healing others.

When asked what is his backstory and his artistic inception, he stated:

“I was 12 years old when I had my first go as a hip-hop artist. My attempt was driven by hearing some underground artists in the US express how they felt, I was inspired by what I heard and thought I could replicate it in my own way. When I’m making a track, I can paint a picture with my words. I believe that the picture I paint, like art, can be interpreted in different ways.”

His need for music creation made him a “free soul” in this space as he later stated in regards to music labels and talent management firms:

“I couldn’t be me with a music label. I wasn’t able to work with the producers I wanted to, the same thing with artists. I had ideas for many projects with many different producers, in the Gulf and abroad, and I couldn’t go forward with them. The vision there was to be self-reliant and I didn’t have that vision, I just wanted to make good music with anyone I wanted to at my own will. What made me break away, to start my own label ‘Last of a Dying Breed,’ is simple. I wanted to experiment with different flavours, not just be stuck to one specific one. And I would suggest any young artist as well to pursue their dream on their own, not seeking exterior support. This is what makes you stronger.”

As it’s pretty obvious, Wrista makes music with a purpose and a meaning. When I asked him if he has transformed any personal experience into lyrics, he said:

“At one point in my life, I truly felt lonely and lost. I was able to transform that negative into a strong drive that later led to the creation of a song called ‘Shattered Reflection.’ It features Sarah Carter it has a really strong message at the end. Many fans connected with me because of that song and we have built an incredibly strong relationship since then.”

Wrista is now making moves in the Hip-Hop scenes, first in the Gulf region and now across continents. As he often states: “music has no boundaries”. But he never forgets his beginnings and the roadblocks he had to drive through. Indeed we ended our conversation with advice for young artists and aspiring musicians. Wrista made sure to offer his tough beginning story as an example for others:

“We all have battles in our past, demons we have beat and lessons we have learned. I always showed up as a better me after any hurdles I faced. This is the core lesson I’d love any youngster could understand.”

Paving a career in such a competitive industry, coming from a region that is not the epicentre of the Entertainment per se’, is hard. But ANYBODY in 2020 must have a goal and a desire to make of their lives what they dream of. I asked Wrista some simple and practical tips on how to live the life you were born for despite your “birth odds”.

“To start, know yourself. Notice what makes you happy and enthusiast and what makes you bored and apathetic. Then dive into those things that move your soul and make you excited. 24/7 if you can. Research, study, practice those things and become a master of them. If you become a master in a “skill” you love doing, there is no limitation, boundary or obstacle that will stop you. Eventually It will take time before you “make it”, but it will happen, guaranteed.”

His motivation and powerful reasons are allowing him to get mainstream exposure, not only in the Middle East and his fans are.


To know more about him, make sure to follow his Instagram:@wristamusic.

Marco A. Calamassi is an italian born entrepreneur in the digital marketing and ecommerce space. He lives between Miami and his homeland.