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How to choose a dog boarding facility in Edmonton?



How to choose a dog boarding facility in Edmonton?

If you are planning to leave your pet dog at a dog boarding center near your home in Edmonton, then it makes sense to check out a few establishments to find out which of them would be best suited for this purpose. This is not an easy task, especially if you are a newbie, and so it makes sense to consider the below-mentioned factors while doing an audit of the centers:

Approvals and licenses:
A minimum standard of service is expected from owners of dog boarding centers. The centers are audited from time-to-time to ensure that they have the required infrastructure and facilities in place to provide the desired services and care to dogs. After each audit, a facility is certified and provided the license by the authorities and this remains valid until the next audit. Usually, such licenses are displayed prominently in the office of a dog boarding center near your home. However, if such a license is not on display, then you can always request for it to be shown.

Additionally, there are professional courses & training imparted to staff, so that they become knowledgeable to take care of dogs and can groom them properly. Staff members who have successfully completed the course are also certified.

Similar to human beings, dogs are also prone to disease. Hence, it is of the utmost importance that their surroundings are clean and hygienic. This will eliminate any chances of infections and viruses getting passed from one dog to the other. Typically, centers are cleaned by staff every few hours and the tell-tale signs will be visible to you when you visit a dog boarding center near your home.

Ask the staff about the routine they follow at the center. Ideally speaking, a well-planned schedule allows a dog adequate time to eat, sleep and play. Dogs that are satiated and well-rested do not get annoyed easily. They are emotionally stable and appear healthy. A balanced routine also takes care that the dog gets groomed at the right time and is also taken out for a walk by the staff at designated hours.

In cases where there is no routine followed, or where the routine gets broken, dogs tend to end up fighting with other dogs and feeling annoyed or feeling tired due to excessive or no playing.

Interaction with other dogs:
It is important to evaluate the temperament of your dog and how it will interact with other dogs at the dog boarding center near your home. Choose a center where dogs are first called for an evaluation to assess their behavior. Some dogs tend to mix with other dogs, while some tend to be alone. An evaluation determines your dog type and it’s likely behavior with other dogs in specific situations. Based on this evaluation, the center will keep your dog with them. This will ensure that your dog gets the exact atmosphere that it is used to while being at your home.

Talk to the staff to see how friendly they are and what attitude they have towards animals, especially dogs. A center that has friendly staff is better than a center that has staff who does not love animals. Also, find out how many staff actually is at the center what the staff to dog ratio is. In ideal terms, the ratio should not be too high.

The above are guidelines that serve as a checklist for you to choose the best dog boarding center near your home in Edmonton. You might be having some other criteria too that is important for you, but at the end of the day what is important is that your dog should receive the same atmosphere and care in a dog boarding center, to which it is used to while being at your home. The center serves as a second home to your dog and therefore important that your dog should not feel neglected, or abandoned in the center.

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