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How To Choose The Best BBQ Smokers For Your Need?



How To Choose The Best BBQ Smokers For Your Need?

Who doesn’t like smoked meat? Everyone likes smoked meat and there are many different process and equipment to smoke meat. The best equipment currently in trend is the BBQ Smoker. The BBQ Smoker is a wonderful piece of cooking equipment that you should go for if you want to taste amazing barbecue meat. Choosing the best of such a smoker is undoubtedly a difficult task, given that there are so many brands and types available in the market. There is every bit of risk of falling prey to a manufacturer’s marketing ploys and tactics. You can get cheated if you happen to be a new user. Here are some tips to choose the best BBQ smokers for your need.

# 1. Check the type of BBQ smoker.

Bbq Smokers

Bbq Smokers

You can find various kinds of BBQ smokers in the market.

  • There is a Propane Smoker, which is fit to be used anywhere. It is also quite cost-effective. It can hold temperatures consistently while cooking.
  • You can also get an Electric Smoker, which is wonderful for maintaining a constant temperature. Most of these smokers require a water pan to avoid the cooked stuff from getting dried out.
  • A Charcoal Smoker is ideal for achieving the most genuine flavors. It can be adjusted all through the cooking time and has a combination of charcoal and wood blocks in it.
  • It also has a Pellet Smoker having a blend of amazing taste and consistency in fuel. This is a nice smoker and is easy and convenient to use.

# 2. Capacity.

BBQ smokers are available in many sizes. All you need to do is determine the size that you require. You have to figure out the number of foods you wish to smoke at a given time. It is not necessarily that the biggest is the best one. In case you are trying to smoke a brisket or a rack or two of ribs, you do not require a big smoker or even one of average size. However, it is essential that you strike the right balance between efficiency in smoke consumption and balance capacity.

Pick a smoker with enough space for all the foods and having air space on every side so that smoke can seep into the meat in a uniform manner. You will not like to go for a too big smoker that needs a lot of fuel as that will add to your expenses.

# 3. Horizontal VS Vertical.

A horizontal smoker varies from a vertical smoker based on where the source of smoke and heat is with respect to the cooking chamber. In a horizontal smoker, the smoke chamber is mounted on the cooking chamber’s side. The temperature within the cooking chamber stays lower, which helps in cooking a perfect barbecue slowly at low heat. In a vertical smoker, the source is located directly under the cooking area. Thus, cooking is faster in this case. Also, vertical BBQ smokers can be found in a greater number of models and sizes than horizontal smokers. These can also be found at stores more easily.

# 4. Look at the features.

Bbq Smokers

Bbq Smokers

You should also check what type of features the BBQ smokers of your choice come with, such as:

  • Removable Ash Pan
  • Double-Tiered Racks
  • Stainless Steel Grates
  • Warming Box and
  • Door Latches

If your smoker will be moved too often, look for one that is portable. Check whether your barbeque smoker has additional shelves, a slide-out fire basket, nice trim packages, and stainless-steel sinks. The right kind of features can make a major difference to your overall experience of using the smoker and ensure better performance and durability. In any case, you should always keep looking for a model from one of the superior BBQ smokers’ manufacturers so that you can enjoy many years of reliable service and keep using the unit for a long time.

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