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How To Overcome Stress And Attain Success: Advice from Musician Sketchmesome





Musician sketchmesome was born in Belgrade, Serbia. At the age of 1, he moved to Switzerland with his family and lived there for 20 years before relocating to London, where he studied business and music. 

Before moving to London, he had already discovered his passion for music – he had been rapping his entire life. But it was not until he moved that he made anything of it. He began recording his work and as time went by, he transitioned from rap to what he called melodic singing. In this article, we will learn how sketchmesome has overcome obstacles such as stress, and his view on achieving success.


Overcoming Anxiety And Stress

As humans, we face dozens of obstacles every day. These obstacles either make us or break us in the long run, depending on how we handle them. 

There are a variety of problems out there that can prove to be roadblocks on your journey to success. Take for example lack of funding, ignorance, and stress. All of these have a way of holding you back or hindering you from achieving your goals.

Today we will be looking at how we can conquer one of these obstacles, and that’s stress. What is stress? Well, Stress is a feeling of emotional or physical tension. It can originate from any event or action that makes you feel depressed, anxious, or angry. To put it in plain terms, stress is your body’s reaction to a challenge you experience. 

In light of the topic of overcoming stress, sketchmesome shares a few pointers. We all have heard of musicians who were making waves across the world suddenly die due to an overdose in drugs or other reasons related to mental health. Making music that people actually want to listen to can be a handful sometimes. Due to this, Sketchmesome has developed some certain coping mechanisms.

The first would be forming the habit of taking a breather every now and then. Breaks are important as they can reduce or prevent stress, help to maintain performance throughout the day, and reduce the need for a long recovery at the end of the day. Without breaks, overthinking sets in and there is a reduction in the quality of work you produce.

Apart from this, sketchmesome has also found out that the major cause of stress for a lot of people is the fact that they try to compare themselves with other individuals in their industry. Instead of comparing yourself with others why not try moving at your own pace. This will help reduce the amount of tension you feel each time you set out to complete a task and increase your overall output.

Lastly, you should make out time to engage in activities that help get rid of stress. Try visiting the gym for a light workout, or hanging out with friends. This will surely provide some form of relief from hours of work.


Attaining Success

When it comes to the topic of success, a lot of people are always at a loss on what to do and how to go about it. When asked what the true key to success is, sketchmesome presented a few crucial processes you must follow. He shared that most people plant a seed of doubt in their minds right from the start of their journey to success. 

You shouldn’t do the above. Have you ever heard of the quote ” Anything can be achieved in life once you set your mind to it?” Well, yes this is true. If you already plant a seed of doubt in your mind (That you will fail) before you start, how do you plan on achieving success?

Another important aspect of success is constant research. You have to dedicate your life to improving on your craft every day because that is the only way you can achieve near-perfection. Last but not the least, learn to tune out negative people from your life. These individuals’ only desire is to bring you down and that’s not something you want for yourself, am I right? 

“Research is key, learning from people in similar fields can help too. His advice is to trust yourself and do you. Master the art of sensing negativity early and blocking it out.” – sketchmesome.

By following his advice, sketchmesome’s sound has become more refined and he has learned to sing properly. Online research has helped to polish his mixing and mastering, giving his music a more professional sound and causing people to take him and his work more seriously.

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