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How to start a successful career as a Bassist?



It’s easy for us to imagine becoming successful musicians by looking at other inspiring musicians—however, thisis not the case. Whether you wantto become a singer, guitarist, pianist, Bassist, or drummer, you must put in a lot of hard work, patience, and dedication. Always remember that you must start small to do bigger things. The best way to start your career is by playing at small shows and gradually growing your experience.

Remember that you must first build community connections before starting high-paying jobs as a bassist. Why connections? Because music is all about relationships. As you grow your network, your talent will be noticed by others, making you get the desired job of your dreams. The only way you can expand your network is by the following thing we have mentioned below;

Book yourself at local gigs

If you want to perform in front of large crowds, you must start performing in front of small groups. These small gigs can be at local bars, weddings, small events, or churches. It’s okay if you start for free, but gradually few dollars will be enough for you as you slowly grow your career and become a multi-millionaire.

Become a part of the working brand

Go to Facebook forums, Craigslist, and other group boards where a post about bassist auditions is usually posted. Always remember to go for the auditions and involve yourself in working with bands from your community, as it will help you gain more experience and help your talent gain the recognition that it deserves.


Professional musicians have hectic schedules, which makes them double-book themselves;not only that,unexpected lifethings happen at any time, which means substitutes are always needed. This is an excellent option for individuals who don’t have the time to commit to a full-time band fully and are just looking to get experience.

Cover bands

Who doesn’t love a good old cover band? Cover bands are a top choice for weddings, bars, and private events. They set the tone for the night and unlock old memories for attendees. However, the competition is fierce. So, you’ll need to find a dedicated group of individuals to join your band. If you can’t find a group to form a band, consider becoming a substitute for one or looking on forums.

Sometimes our passion needs a little push to kickstart working on our dreams; this push will come to you if you look for inspiration. One such inspiration is John Sharky.

John Francis Sharkey

John is the band Circus of Power bassist and was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He went to Bishop Ford Central Catholic High School and Fort Hamilton. He started into music right after graduating because of his bass ability, which has gained him recognition ever since.

Circus of Power was founded in 1985 and quickly gained popularity owing to its distinctive music. Unfortunately, they split in 1995, which disappointed their fans. Even then, no one could stop them from listening to and hooking up to the band’s old songs, which they thoroughly appreciated. Fortunately, they reconnected in 2014. They have released four studio albums and three EPs since beginning their musical career.

I am Dawn Wells, an online entrepreneur, coach, tech reviewer and author. I love to write about emerging entrepreneurs and their journey.