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Interview With “Sugar” Crooner: Oxlade (2019)



Interview With "Sugar" Crooner: Oxlade (2019)

Nigerian, Lagos-based artiste Ikuforiji Abdulrahman Olaitan popularly known as Oxlade- “Boy Ox” is independently moving barriers in the music industry. 

Boy Ox started music in 2017 and has already performed at the O2 Arena, London. 

I was recently at RedBull “New Skool Cool” and was opportune to have an exclusive interview with him. Here is the conversation we had.:

Tell us a little about yourself

Oxlade: I’m a boy and I sing (laughs). 

OK, my name is Oxlade. I’m a pop artiste, Afro-pop artiste to be precise. I started music in 2017, I’m still doing music and I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon. 

Interview With "Sugar" Crooner: Oxlade (2019)


How did you come about your stage name – Oxlade?

Oxlade: Actually, Oxlade is one of my names. It is a British name. My grandpa named me Oxlade after his best friend who died on the day I was born.

My friends always made fun of the name back then in school. It was annoying then because they pronounced it in funny ways.

I saw no need to create a stage name when I started the music so I stayed with my birth name – Oxlade.

Interview With "Sugar" Crooner: Oxlade (2019)


I’ve seen you perform and I know for a fact that you’re an amazing performer. Do you experience performance anxiety?

Oxlade: The only time I ever experienced performance anxiety was when I was about to perform at The O2 Arena, London.

There were thousands of people there, mostly foreigners. I was scared that they won’t even know my song. At that point, I had to ask myself ”Am I really made for this?”

It was really overwhelming. But when I stepped on stage and the crowd cheered, it was a whole new feeling. With the help of God, I was able to overcome my fears and deliver a brilliant performance.

Interview With "Sugar" Crooner: Oxlade (2019)

Oxlade performing at The O2 Arena, London


Since your journey as an Afro-pop artiste, which year do you consider to be your biggest year so far?

Oxlade: I’ll say 2019.

This year has been my biggest year yet in my career. I mean I got the opportunity to perform at The O2 Arena, London.

What is bigger than that yet?

When I performed at The O2 Arena, London, the vibe I got from the crowd while I performed gave me a different kind of excitement. It was then that I realized again that music is my thing and I’ll stay true to it.

Basically, this year has been really amazing. And challenging also but I’m very happy to be where I am today.

Interview With "Sugar" Crooner: Oxlade (2019)

Oxlade performing at The O2 Arena, London in 2019!


I know for a fact that you have a lot of really nice songs. Which of them is your favorite?

Oxlade: I’ll say Wait For You by Melvitto featuring Oxlade

Wait For You is my favorite song yet because it is quite personal. I really put a lot of emotions in the song.

Interview With "Sugar" Crooner: Oxlade (2019)

Wait For You by Melvitto and Oxlade


Everyone following your journey is curios. Should we expect anything from Oxlade soon?

Oxlade: Yes!


I’m dropping my EP next year. Everyone should get ready because it’s going to be fire!

Interview With "Sugar" Crooner: Oxlade (2019)


Do you have anything you want to say to your fans?

Oxlade: sure.

I don’t I have a lot of fans but the few ones I have are “Evangelists”. They always spread the word about me. They are always pushing my music and they never stop talking about me to everyone.

Without my fans, I’m nobody. They made me who I am today.

I cherish all my fans and I need them to keep supporting me.

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