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Its Ibby Embraces His Multicultural Upbringing Through Rap Music



Its Ibby is an artist raised amid the diverse cultures of Texas and Abu Dhabi. His unique upbringing gave him a comprehensive perspective in life. Its Ibby portrays and respects the two cities he calls home through his music and visual art. He fully understands their differences and celebrates them in a harmonic mix. No  other artist can do what Its Ibby does.

As he grew up in different environments, Its Ibby makes it his purpose to create art that represents the two crucial factors of himself. Without such experiences, its Ibby would have failed to be the exceptional rap artist he is today. 

His music goes out of the ordinary. People who love good rap and hip-hop will inevitably find themselves captured by Its Ibby’s music. He strives in his craft to continually please his listeners. The talented artist implements a particular flow to his tracks that separates him from other artists. Through his music, Its Ibby aims to inspire and encourage aspiring rappers to pursue their dreams.

Its Ibby is currently residing in Florida, but he is regularly present in Georgia, working with other talented artists in the Atlanta Region. Its Ibby gained a broad demographic of audiences while pursuing his passion. On top of his followers in the United States, he has also gained substantial fan bases abroad. One of his biggest fan bases to date is in Germany.

His circumstances growing up allows him to connect with fans all around the world. Its Ibby uses his social media platform to connect with supporters all around the world. The talented rapper recognizes the importance his fans have played in his career. Through their patronage in his music, Its Ibby continues to be motivated and better himself as an artist. 

His passion grew even deeper over the years. Recently, he achieved a new milestone in his career by producing the music video for his hit single “Hol’ On Wait” with 4EZ. With his determination and talent, the opportunities for Its Ibby are endless. He does not hesitate to enter doors that will lead him to achieve his goals.

Previously, Its Ibby collaborated with multi platinum producers such as Trellgato and Brackz. Its Ibby learned through the trials in his path after being in the industry for quite some time. 

One of Its Ibby’s secrets to success is self-criticism. He deciphers his music as if listening to it from a listener’s point of view. Its Ibby identifies his strengths and weaknesses. He works on his weak points and tries his best to improve them. The artist works day and night to turn his haters around and continually make his supporters proud.

Aside from being a phenomenal rapper, Its Ibby also excels in his other career. He finished his college education from Texas Tech University, where he earned a bachelor of science degree in industrial, manufacturing, and systems engineering. Its Ibby encourages aspiring artists to stay in school because he believes that education is one of the most significant foundations anyone can have. Through his successful career outside of music, Its Ibby attained financial security. He approaches the music industry with complete freedom and self-expression.

Its Ibby is not after the fame and fortune that comes with being a hip-hop artist. What matters more to him is the chance to pursue his passion and gain happiness through his music.

Follow Its Ibby’s journey through his Instagram account, @_itsibby_.

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