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JaPrince Fulmore Brings Out the Word of God and Provides Hope in The JaPrince Show



During these increasingly turbulent times, more and more people are looking to spirituality and even Biblical teachings for enlightenment. Wholesome music and media now play a greater role in making a good influence on the lives of audiences everywhere. As a result of this pressing need, a growing number of artists have taken on the responsibility of effecting positive change.

JaPrince Fulmore combines his unwavering morality, stewardship, and musical ability in order to educate and bring hope and self-awareness to the masses. JaPrince makes full use of his many talents as a prolific collaborator, music producer, and songwriter with soaring vocals to achieve his goal of ministering to others. He uses his skills and talents to incorporate Biblical teachings at a level that is understandable to multiple generations. Because of this, he can connect with a wide range of audiences from all age groups. The word of God has never been more relatable to modern-day listeners.

JaPrince is the Chief Operating Officer and the Senior Recording Engineer for Lab Studios. The studio is owned by V & J Records, Publishing and Production Inc. He has been active in the quartet Gospel music industry his entire life. Overtime, JaPrince further developed his talents as a musician, including his abilities to arrange, produce, write, and perform songs.

Using his prolific capabilities in collaboration and production, JaPrince created and starred in the hit talk show entitled “The JaPrince Show.” Recently, as of February 2020, the show was relaunched on the The Now Network which has made it available to millions of viewers nationwide. The JaPrince Show employs a captivating style that is designed specifically to teach, inform, inspire, and entertain the audience. The show stays true to JaPrince’s motto of “Bringing a voice to the voiceless.”

The audiences of the show can look forward to gaining insight into the lives of people in both high and low places which will surely enhance their view and understanding of their own lives. Because of his versatility, there is no subject too big nor too small for JaPrince to handle. He can effectively use the medium to bring out the word of God with the goal of helping, healing, and delivering those in need. The show ends on a positive and hopeful note, where audiences can expect to hear JaPrince’s signature line, “Until the next time we share time, this is your boy Japrince saying, God Bless.”

It takes a true man of God to take Biblical studies, fitness, and health to not only sculpt and cultivate his own body but sculpt and cultivate the lives of others. This approach reflects the Gospel message of healing, health, and wholeness. JaPrince’s message is also self-improvement first, and then reaching out to one’s neighbors to help them experience improvements in their own lives.

Watch out for The JaPrince Show on The Now Network to experience some much needed hope and enlightenment in your life. You may also visit to learn more about and be inspired by JaPrince Fulmore and his hit talk show.

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