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Leddy is the Rising Rapper You Need to Know



The music industry is moving so fast right now that there are incredible emerging rappers popping out almost everywhere. From Atlanta to Brooklyn, new voices are defining the rest of the year. But, not so much in South Carolina. There’s no influence of hip hop culture in this hometown, let alone a music scene until Blacc Zacc who just recently came out of South Carolina and paved the way to many more rappers from S.C. who deserve recognition. And as more and more rising rappers come out of this neighborhood, let’s take the spotlight to this rising rapper ready to put South Carolina rap on the map, Leddy.

When Leddy was just a child, he grew up in South Florida until the age of 11 when he and his family needed to move to South Carolina. Although he grew up with a single-parent household, it was a home filled with music all around him, specifically hip-hop and rock. His older brother first introduced him to rap. He let him listen to T.I. and 50 Cent, while his father played rock on the car’s radio every time. Because of this, Leddy found his passion for making music. He listened to a lot of rap artists growing up and has heavy influences from the likes of Juice Wrld, J Cole, Lil Uzi Vert, XXXTentacion, and MGK.

Leddy attended school in USC-Columbia but only as a sophomore when he was put on academic suspension due to absences. Without any academics to attend to, he decided to focus on making music and fully invest himself into honing his skill and hopefully make a career for himself soon. So at 17, Leddy started making music in his room. He worked hard in learning and experimenting while continually learning and fine-tuning his sound. Because of his influences in hip-hop and rock, he blended both as his distinct sound. Leddy creates a unique and distinct sound that you can hear in his tracks. While staying true to himself, he continues to practice and keeps innovating his work for the audience.

For a lot of his fans, Leddy makes music that can be listened to anywhere and anytime. He puts his heart and soul into it and has been making music and practicing his craft for four years now.

He also has a unique sound, rhythmic flow, and experiments in using different beats. Today, he’s amplifying his voice to make his music be heard in the world of rap. He not only wants to produce music but also inspire others, especially the youth and other teenagers to love and respect the music for the art.

Indeed, Leddy is one of the rising rappers who deserve everyone’s attention. He has worked hard to give his music a professional sound. He’s self-taught and a self-made rising in the ranks. He mixes and masters his music all by himself, and he has learned to be an audio engineer from countless hours on YouTube and fine-tuning the right plugins. With what Leddy can do now, he has a bright future ahead of him.


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