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Lendale Johnson’s New Reality Show ‘Deuces and Love’ Zeroes in on the Fight for Equality



With the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, specific dramatic changes have reinvigorated the entertainment industry. Hollywood stars and other famous media personalities have heeded the call, and one of these strong and admirable individuals taking an active part in the movement is Lendale Johnson.

Lendale Johnson is a prominent figure in the sphere of sports and entertainment. The world knows him for being a reality TV star, an actor, a model, and the founder of The Johnson High Performance Tennis Academy. Back in 2015, he was featured in the pilot episode of the hit American drama series, Empire. And for a recent project, he will be starring in a reality TV series that highlights Hollywood celebrities and star athletes. 

But more than being a celebrity and a famous sports personality, Lendale also uses his influence to promote advocacies that are close to his heart. He is currently an ambassador for ‘WalkOff,’ a social movement focused on addressing the looming racism in the field of sports. He shut down the racist comments against Serena Williams for how the latter reacted during the 2016 Australian Open, but his involvement in the movement does not end with attending protests and having conversations. 

Using his celebrity status to create a lasting social impact, Lendale willingly accepted the challenge of hosting a new reality show, ‘Deuces and Love,’ which aims to bring awareness regarding civil rights movements. The series envisions a chain of positive paradigm shifts prompted by the host’s charity events, fashion shows, and other workshops, which will all be featuring various personalities coming from different parts of the world. 

Lendale explains that the upcoming TV show is driven by the purpose of shedding light on racial discrimination as well as the issues surrounding the LGBTQ community. As a victim of racial profiling, and as the first openly gay professional tennis player, he knows that he needs to speak up and use his position to strike a difference. 

Being a black man in America and part of the LGBTQ community, Lendale has been asked to write a story for Metro UK’s online newspaper regarding his double minority identity. He wants to share with the world the emotional turmoil that comes with such an identity. His story will be grounded on the mission to inspire those who are in a similar situation and to encourage them to keep moving forward.

Lendale continually strives to raise awareness wherever and whenever he can. He dauntlessly initiates open conversations and provides resources for people who are willing to educate themselves with the issues at hand. His upcoming project for the Black Lives Matter movement is a charity tennis match with the NYPD at his tennis academy, The Johnson High Performance Tennis Academy. 

And with the said sports event, his goal is to raise money for the ACLU Racial Justice Program, The NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc., and The Okra Project. Moreover, the match is also being held to provide a safe avenue for allied officers to share their support. 

The uniqueness and the warmth of Lendale’s efforts captured the hearts of fellow advocates and caught the attention of high profile celebrities like Venus Williams, among others. His tennis academy even received local and national press, allowing the daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise to join his program. 

To know more about how Lendale Johnson creates a meaningful impact on society, you may visit his website and Instagram page.

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