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Lito the Guy – Rising Artist and Social Media Content Creator



lito the guy


Lito the Guy, a rising and talented music producer and social media sensation, has been receiving so much love for his recently launched music project called “Moonlight Saga.”

You would surely find it interesting what goes behind his success. From a content creator, music producer, digital marketer, and artist himself, Lito the Guy wears many hats.

Who is Lito the Guy?

Lito the Guy is a Cape Verdean-American artist and record producer from Pawtucket, Rhode Island. He started making instrumentals at the age of 18 in his college dorm room.  Thus, he has since developed a wide range of music production skills. Lito the Guy has worked with a number of other artists in professional recording studios. He is known for his ability to create catchy and innovative beats.

He is popularly known by his unique stage name, ‘Lito the Guy .’  This name has turned into a popular internet personality who is known for his modern music tracks.  Lito the Guy is an artist and serial entrepreneur. Currently, he is running many successful brands, and is also involved in Meta and blockchain technology. Lito the Guy has a large following on social media, including his growing Instagram  @litotheguy.  Many popular websites have also featured his videos.

The Early Years of Lito the Guy

Lito the Guy was born in the city of Providence, Rhode Island. His parents migrated to America from the Cape Verdean Islands.  He spent his early years much like any other boy during that time period.  However, he had fuel for music since his childhood. He loved hip-hop, rap, r&b, pop, and international music. After graduating high school, he began pursuing an education in Audio Engineering and Digital Media. His educational pursuits assisted him in music production, as well as learning about the business.

In 2014 he purchased his first groove production system called Maschine, which is a hybrid hardware and software, to start professionally making beats in his bedroom. During his studies at university, he kick-started his musical career by producing music with his colleagues. Lito the Guy collaborated with many individual artists and producers on campus. This successfully helped him to explore his potential and unravel his talent.

In an interview, when asked about his inspiration, he said, “What really set the aspirations to become a producer was when the Chicago drill scene took place around 2013.  Seeing Young Chop working with so many talented artists like Chief Keef, Lil Reese, and Lil Durk in Chicago and seeing them all come up together was inspirational.


 The Origins of a ‘Lito the Guy’

Lito the Guy is a stage name given to him by his college roommate during their senior year. He simply earned the name by being “the guy” who does it all in this field.  If there was anything you needed to get done in the music industry, Lito the Guy was the first one on everyone’s mind to call.

He kick-started his production career by creating unique instrumentals. His music production skills then attracted independent artists from his university all the way to his hometown. This resulted in collaborations with the greatest local talents. After his success, he began helping to uplift budding artists through his influence and community.


Lito the Guy’s Successful Start in the Music Industry

Lito the Guy graduated from the University of Hartford in 2017. He then opened up a local professional recording studio called “Music Factory.”  His cousin also co-founded “Music Factory,” and like Lito the Guy, was also a very well known record producer in the local community. Lito the Guy would then meet artists like Dee Gomes, Jae Lynx and many other big local artists. These artists started making a name for themselves in the Rhode Island music scene. This really paved the way for Rhode Island to make it big in the industry.

Lito the Guy decided to release an instrumental album because he felt that producer-focused albums were lacking in the industry. By releasing this type of album, he hoped to fill this gap and provide listeners with something new and exciting.  In an interview, he shared, “I feel like a lot of times producers don’t get the credit they deserve; they are artists too.”

In order to really show the world his production skills, he introduced his first instrumental album “Moonlight Saga,” which is a 7 track project that paints a story in the Moonlight of the binary world. He chose to only do 7 tracks for the project, representing the 7 days of the week.


What’s so special about Moonlight Saga?

“Moonlight Saga” portrays the story of the digital world during the Moonlight. All the beats of the album have their own vibe and personality that the listeners can feel.

“Moonlight Saga” is a real treat for fans of unique music and personality. It consists of seven different digital names.  Commercially successful songs, as well as T.V. productions, films, games and more, could successfully be synced with any of the top notch tracks on this album. These tracks include:

  1. Oculus
  2. Metaverse
  3. Night Walker
  4. Moonlight Saga
  5. Artificial
  6. Rager
  7. Matic

“Moonlight Saga” is now available on all your favorite streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Tidal, Amazon, and SoundCloud. You can buy the albums directly and also buy the Moonlight Saga merch and NFTs from


 The Entrepreneurial Side of Lito the Guy

Lito the Guy always dreamed of achieving financial freedom and being able to sustain it for the rest of his life.  He also aspires to pass this freedom and wealth on to future generations, as well as help others achieve this same financial success.

With a goal to help the music community, he co-founded a company named “A.L.I.E.N. Entertainment“.  He founded this company with two partners he had met at his university. The company offers support and networking systems to artists. These services include social media marketing, artist branding, consultation, as well as music rollout strategies. With the help of this company, artists are able to structure their music business and market their own music independently.

A.L.I.E.N. Entertainment also offers digital marketing services to artists, creators, and businesses.  These marketing services are able to boost creators’ online presence, run Youtube ad campaigns, and provide Spotify, and Soundcloud reposting services.  A.L.I.E.N. Entertainment also helps the artist community by formulating a career plan for the growth and financial stability of the artists they work with.

Additionally, Lito the Guy has several other ecommerce stores, including his merchandise and NFTs that are available to buy on his website. If you want to get his regular updates, be sure to check out his content on Instagram.


The Future of Lito the Guy

It is hard to say what the future holds for Lito the Guy. However, it is safe to say that he will continue to be a force in the world of music. His current music production and success leaves us with no doubt that he will continue to innovate and also create unique music for us to enjoy. We can only hope that he continues to bring us the same joy he has for many years.

If you’re inspired by his journey and want to learn more about him, here are all the links to his all social media accounts:







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