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Live Music Shows Still Important



Live Music Shows Still Important

The art of the live performance may be seen as a skill that is not relevant in this digital world. But in today’s hip-hop world the live music scene is still important for young artists. Toronto is hosting some of North America’s hottest urban music acts in venues across the city. We have been watching Soo Casa who has been making noise performing with some of the biggest names in Rap.

In 2018 Drake was one of the most popular artists in the hip-hop world. When Soo Casa got a chance to perform last year alongside Baka Not Nice from Drake’s OVO label we took notice. Soo Casa started his music career with a collaborative effort “Ish My Time” with Coca Vango. After a feature from a major artist like Coca Vango most artists would have stayed digital. This young Toronto rapper took to the stage with back to back performances with some of the hottest acts.

Most artists would have skipped this step and gone straight to YouTube with a music video. Although there is no denying that releasing a Music Video is an important step, the Live Performance footage can be just as crucial. If you spend your time as a young artist trapped on digital platforms you often do not get a chance to expand. Getting out there in real life is an important part of an artists development even in our modern world.

A lot of today’s hottest new acts seem to have come out of nowhere through social media. It doesn’t help that some labels like Atlantic have gotten into the habit of signing acts who are viral on social media but have little natural musical ability. This has given many new rappers the false impression that getting followers and likes online is the most important thing. Of course, in today’s digital infused world it is important to focus on building your brand online. But social media has to coincide with live performances and interviews. Interacting with fans at shows, meeting DJs and networking is an important step.

Sure you could stay at home as a young artist and try to gain a few followers. Or you could be like Casa who is performing in March with Comethazine who has 1.2 Million followers on Instagram. Getting out there and possibly gaining some of those millions of fans by performing live has to be a way better experience. We look forward to seeing what this young rapper will do next. We appreciate not all the new rappers have resigned themselves to staying SoundCloud rappers.


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